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Kerala - Indeed ,God's own place - ( country ) -India !!

It's hard to believe when someone uses a tag line - God's own country . It says and conveys a lot . And as always, for most of the things in life you need to - travel, down south to this amazing state located in the south-west region of India. The name Kerala takes the form Keralam in Malayalam, the main language of the state .

Since this was my second visit to Kerala - I decided to focus my travel on the western coastal belt of this divine state criss-crossed by a network of interconnected brackish canals, lakes, estuaries, and rivers known as the Kerala Backwaters.


Kochi –

The journey started with Kochi - formerly Cochin, a major port city on the west coast by the Arabian Sea , part of the district of Ernakulam . It is also the largest urban agglomeration in Kerala.

Kochi is home to the Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy and the state headquarters of the Indian Coast Guard . Commercial maritime facilities of the city include the Port of Kochi, an International Contai…

Featuring in Fortune India - October'12

The October '12 -  anniversary issue of Fortune India - is special .

Got featured in Fortune India - anniversary issue - Editors selection of letters . Hope to make it to the cover page someday :)

Whispering Pines

It was indeed a much needed break .  As I look  back this year , I realised that I have been a workaholic all through .  So I decided to give myself a good rejuvenating break and that too far from the chaos of Delhi.

And where did I head to ?!  The place is called Mashobra -  a close 300+ km from Delhi . This place is a 20 minute drive from Shimla , HP. Located and surrounded amidst beautiful pine trees all over , only word describes this place - divine .

A small sleepy town where you will find that the ClubMahindra resort is indeed picturesque . Well lit and an old heritage property located with surrounding pines all around and minimalist noise , I said to myself - "such places do exist " .  

It has a well arrany of tastefully done series of room options and a host of dining treats . Besides , if you are travelling with family and kids - they will simply enjoy .  The staff is all from Himachal and hence courteous to the core .  They will make sure your stay is worth re…

Move on....Time to shift

Shifting or change are more or less the same words with a thin line of differentiation .  Both disturb or so to say challenge the normal course of life . And are at times accompanied by highs and lows .

It could be anything - a change of city due to family movement , change of country due to planetary movements or simply change of house due to a big house in waiting .

It could also be changing your status on FB or updating one on twitter . It can include a positive attitude towards life from tomorrow or a negative outlook towards the perils of staying up late at night.

It all boils down how you take it . Recently , of the many changes that keep on going in the ecosystem around me ; we took a decision to move our home and shift to a place where - we had no choice but to move in. In short - came all the wise words of people who are accustomed to changes ans shifting . Believe me , in today's world shifting and that too shifting homes is a big task .

First of all as Indians we don'…

Firsts are always firsts & special

What significance does the number 1 hold to you . You ask this to anyone and the answers that would come would more or less be the same . Similar to what you might have thought for . Then why did you ask ?!

A common thing which people might miss would be saying - First is special . Firsts are special . Ask them to name a few and then it will take time for the same spontaneous group to come back with an answer .

That is because they have never stepped out of the thinking process , never took time out , they were always running and running to make sure the things to do list was dealt with on priority . They never had the time to enjoy those special moments , those special people that came and went by all this time.

It's hard to recollect . Your first smile , your first tear , your first kiss, your first break up , your first hands on experience in the most scrumptious dish in the world . The first time you took her out ,the first time you started to learn how to walk , the first time …

Special - They are there

How often have you felt really happy from deep inside ?
How many times have you felt saying thank you more than once ?
How fast have you been able to share all your stories with someone ?
How many people have taken the time to care for you ?
How often do you glow when you get gifts from someone you never expected ?

Now , remove the "how" from the above and see if something changes . See if your thoughts wonder a little less and check if your heart beats a bit faster .  Often in our living we seem to miss so many good moments that when we close our eyes and recollect we feel we are all lonely and nobody really cares or loves you.

It's good being negative at times given the fact the positivity may be way to much .However, if only subtracting is what you do then rest assured you will actually never reach the 1 .

People as I always say come and go in and out of our life's . Some do take the time to act and care for you . They do things that you never expected them from . They…

Cumpleaños feliz Karan

Often it happens , late at night that when the clock strikes 12 - someone awakes !

Given the same scenario a decade back - people used to sleep well and then wake up to a new day  . The scenario has changed now . People are more concerned to put the blanket aside , log on to the FB walls and see who all are wishing them . Check the beeping mobiles as to who texts and wished and who called in.

I remember a time when birthdays used to be a very hush -hush affair . Mom ; preparing the most amazing dishes in the world with her magic touch ; ordering and designing a cake which every year was different and talked about and very close network of people coming to wish me.

Times as they change and so does the age . People in graduation colleges have a different style of celebrating birthday . They believe in the art of parties . Why in the world people give parties to celebrate their own birthdays I feel to wonder ?!

Splashing cakes all over the face , kicking and licking in the name of bumps it …

Rajasthan - Famous Desert Circuit route - Bikaner-Jaisalmer -Jodhpur-

This one was to be a complete bang-on . After working hard for the entire 2011 , I deserved a complete rejuvenating holiday . And this time I wanted to complete the missing leg of Rajasthan - my current crush state :)

So it was the desert circuit this time -  Bikaner , Jaisalmer and Jodhpur

Bikaner -

The drive to Bikaner , is a good one barring some rough patches of the NH-8. There are a lot of places and heritage property to be seen in and around Bikaner .

Our first stop was - Karni Mata Temple. Yes , this is also called as the Rat Temple . it is situated in the town of Deshnoke 30 km south from Bikaner on the road to Jodhpur. Karni Mata is worshiped as an incarnation of Goddess Durga.This temple is famous for rats which can be seen everywhere in the temple. It's conisdered good fortune if you see - a white rat . It's a rare one and the popular belief is that if you see one - you are fortunate .

Havelis - Rajasthan in particular is famous for castles and mahals . But Bikaner i…