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Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is all about the real -Bad Girl

There are two key people in this share - Vinay and Akshara .

This is what happens when time actually flees.I happen to meet Vinay - who is a distance friend and he was in Delhi for a weekend . As always , poor me is running short on time and I thought the maximum I could chat up with him will be half an hour .  So I organised a Coffee with Karan session and we met.

Never did I knew that the half an hour , initially thought session will be way over 6 hours and we will be still left with so much of talking. I am sure you must be willing to know "What" in the world did we spoke about ?!

The answer is - A Girl  -Akshara.

And I can't believe we spoke and spoke and spoke .

I did wanted to share this with my universe and get in views across the board . This is not something which is new in our system. This is not something which men these days are held responsible for .This is not about a disconnect . This is not just arrogance.This is not about tears.This is more than all this.

Vinay works with a top MNC firm in Mumbai . He , himself is top notch commerce graduate with a PG from top tier school . A girl [ I hate even to say she is a girl ] - Akshara- works in his office .

Akshara -is simply mind blowing . Let me complete before thoughts start taking off . She is full of superbia . She can say anything to anyone across and to an extent she can make people cry . Not many are her friends and since it is a corporate structure you need to be talking to people for work and hence number of poor souls are stuck up with her.

Somewhere this thing was blown up that our dear Vinay is traducing Akshara. [ My personal view - Not possible ] .

And the news reached her ears in a way it goes - layer after layer with inputs and value-add from everyone who feels to add a twist to the story. And guess what . The volcano conflagrated. Akshara took Vinay head on in his office , in front of his entire team [ top to down included ] and clapperclawed him to an extent that Vinay , Akshara and Vinay's boss had to rush to the office cafe for a discussion . This is Akshara for you people.

Just to give a heads-up - Akshara is a topper throughout in her life. Be it at her school , her college and then her B-school . She has been nothing but Number 1 . Her family is into business and she stays in Mumbai's classy arenas . She is one of the few people who are allowed to change a role every year just because she hates her boss and sometimes - the team . She hardly talks to people and when she does - you know what happens. She works till the end and rarely people have seen her talk sweetly to someone or even give a smile.

Back . So our girl - Akshara spoke and spoke in front of poor Vinay's boss till the time she was sure that nothing is left. Those fifteen minutes of her speaking are the worst minutes Vinay and his boss can ever forget of.  She abused , she had zero respect for a senior , she did not let Vinay speak and share his point and she went to an extent saying that she will report this to the internal team and make sure Vinay looses his job.

My only query is - Vinay should have spoken . Yes.He did . But when you have Akshara - you just can't . What about his boss - Well, he did . But, the girl is least interested to hear.

And she left . It's been days now . Everything is normal and smooth . Vinay is doing well as always . But still he recalls why it happened . And he has his side of story as well.

Vinay replaced Akshara in a role sometime back . Just as we have handovers Vinay never felt the need to take one from her because the entire team was so supportive that everything was smoothly and nicely executed . And if it was needed he would have spoken to her.

This pissed off Akshara. How in the world - a person - like Vinay - [ who is simple, sweet to talk to , humble and a great human being ] did not approached her . Did not requested for help or inputs . Does not say hi to her whenever they catched eye to eye.

I ask - only one thing - Why ? If I don't like a person , I don't want to talk to him / her - then why am I supposed to say hi ; why am I supposed to even look at her and why in the world will I say negative about her . And no one can force someone to talk . Or to like. Or to love.
Then why .

Well,this is exactly what Vinay thought and still thinks . That story is long over . But all Vinay at times thinks is had he been let to share his view things would have been better. But then if you have a person like Akshara  - how in the world can you make her listen , share and put your view . It's simply not possible.

Vinay is settled in life and happily married . He often takes and shares this example in his many leadership summits where people simply are amazed that people like - Akshara exist in our society . Our world.

And how one simple disconnect can ruin a person or two - from ever knowing each other . How much attitude people carry without even knowing that one day - it's all over. All of us will have to die . Nothing will stay on . Then why make enemies. Why make people cry.Why make people suffer. Why be dis-respectful .

As I say - some people never change....and hence Akshara will not get anything good from Santa this year.....


Some people are like 'Mondays' no matter what you just don't like them!!

Stay happy and spread the joy all around. Everone is busy with his/her role in their small lifetimes.Then why make things worse if you can't make them simple.

btw - I simply love Masterchef . A great and a must watch.

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