Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simi Selects India's Most Desirable

Wow !! I try my best not to miss this show . That explains everything . Sundays @ 9 are eagerly awaited . Not because of the guests that are talked on the show but more about the way the conversation flows .

Rendezvous with Simi  , back in time was also one of the most well hosted talk shows . And this shows my love for Star World. If you were / are a keen follower of the shows you will notice the change that has taken place - be the hosting ,the ambiance , the format ,the audience and the guests topped up with the in-between modules and of course Simi's attire . A lot has transformed and why not , after all branding is this.

The guests as always are mostly the tinsel town folks . May be because these people are the most loved , most desired or may be simply because they entertain us . And we as typical Indian's always want to know on what is the new / latest / happening in there lives . And hence , we get hooked.

John Abraham - is a good human being first . Everything else comes later . His recent break-up with Bipasha may have raised eyebrows across but the way "he" has come up and handled the same explains that men are far better in coming out of a break-up . ;)

I would refrain myself from commenting on the if's and the but's in this relationship but I feel strongly, that whatever happens , happens for good . Now that they are parted , I am sure , it must have been a hard and tough time , they will eventually be happy and make progress way forward .

Watching the show today , the way John's parents summed up their thoughts and experiences comes across as a simple family who want the best for their son . On all fronts .

Quote - " No two women can be in the same kitchen " .

It can be taken into many meanings and connotations . These days the youth is so free , independent and makes a call for "space " . This , at the cost of moving out also . So much comes at stake that at times one doesn't realize what is at stake and what is being taken at stake . Individual thoughts , I say.

Often , these days , when I look back into the relationships I have been a part of , thoughts flow haywire . There were times when I thought it was the most beautiful thing to happen . And feeling special is always special .

Often , in time, when you are with that special someone ; you tend to offend / ward off people who always are with you / stood by you. This is when you start loosing yourself , the people and everything else .

Relationships - be with the special someone, be with your associates,peers ,friends even foes are something you are and always be a part of . The way you think /act , communicate  decide the fate . In each of our journey of life there are so many incidents where we have been in/out of relationships / people . It's as always as I say - somethings click and some don't . Never forget to connect and share . It's a personal view and thought ,that  the more you share / talk / communicate the more you love the relationship  . Add a dash of truth and you'll love it.

Relationships are based on trust . Period . A single lie is a sure shot killer ,in near future .

People,are sentimental and emotional . They are loving and caring . It's just the way you nurture the relationship and it develops into something beautiful.

Communication as always is the key .....

Wishing you all a happy relationship !! And do not forget to take the first step . Time is still on .

PS - Did you notice - No tarot for John A and Siddharth M.

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Anonymous said...

you have hit the nail on its head. about people and relationships. to connect and share. and be genuine and honest. twist it and its done for.

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