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Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Investment is an art . And it's true. After all , making your money work for you is not that an easy thing . Each school of thought has it's own story . Some say , let's invest early .Some , well , let me accumulate ,then will start . For some , forget it . I am happy the way things are . 

I won't say that I am the best in the business . I am the finance whiz-kid who is so much in demand that meeting him equals seeing  the sun and moon rise together . It's just that I am passionate in whatever I do . Banks , financial institutions and the likes have so many good people that I am not even 1% to the knowledge and skills they have . Learning from them is an experience which only you can feel. There is so much to learn and unlearn everyday that it's simply vast.

I always believe, that advising people on money is like telling them sugar free is not the "only" better option . There are many ways to strike your sweet-tooth . For you to become an investment consultant you need to manage your own little money first then stepping into the world where people play safe on you. It's a great line to be in , given the current times and also one of the hardest to stick in .


Delhi is burning as always . Summers are always a killer here . Going out and shopping is the last thing I want to be a part of . Dining out was never an option . As was the choice of the places . But somehow, the past year , Greater Kailash , has carved a unique spot on my list. May be this has to do with the number of options this area offers , or the crowd which throngs or may be the proximity or the usual change which everyone looks for . GK , as its shared , is a nice place .Not being diplomatic and politically correct , you get the usual Delhi's elite class out in show . Teenagers , college goers , corporates , lovers , friends - just about everyone . Also,when you talk about GK you relate or hit the "M-Block" for obvious reasons . I prefer the unusual - "N" block . After brothers in arms , the N block is my pic . May be because it's a little less happening , little less crowded and it has this simple feel which I like .

Kasbah - The 4-storied restaurant complex is a recent entry . Of close to a number of visits this place is nice . Nice , in my terms has a different connotation . You can hang out with friends and likes ,spend time , don't watch cricket or just discuss things at length . And you will not know when time has reached the closing . Mannekin - the lounge is my best pick . Not because I am a big lounge fan and I love to just relax and enjoy the music , the ambience of this , is nice . With fiery red all around , tempers may fly high but then that's usual :P 


I like politics . But there's a disclaimer to it . I follow politics , I know people in politics and given a chance I can enter .But,this is a place where things change often . And with each shutters something new comes up . With the recent TMC and AIADMK wins it's clear that change can happen and people once voted out can again come to power . The only thing which makes a winner is the amount of goodwill you have with the voters . And that's a tough call .


"True love is a tough find. But then all good things are hard nuts to crack.So keep fighting . Keep searching . And the sun will rise" - I said these to a dear friend when she kept on crying on and on and as everyone knows I hate tears ,so I had to bring the smile back on .These worked . Heartbreaks , in fact, anything that breaks is a never-to-be-joined -again case. Be practical at times and be flexible on the rest . Things are not that hard that we can't come out of them . I can write on and on and share my thoughts and give speeches to all those folks and birds tweaking but then I am exclusive :P.


Astrology - Well, I'll leave this for some other time . You need to meet me to get my views on this one . And as for the financial planning , well , nothing comes for free ....;)

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Emmy said...

Very nice blog... you taught me a little about Delhi and for that I am thankful as I'm going there later this year for studies :)

Karan said...

@ Emmy - A big thanks !! Happy to share ! Hope you have a great stay in India.

Tanvi said...

Well all in all entertaining post! Nice read!


Karan said...

@ Tanvi - Thanks, as always :) !!