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It's a YES with a pinch of NO

I have been attending a lot of marriages this 2011 .And when I say a lot , it means a lot.

First there was this Indian born Australian Hindu boy getting married to an Australian girl .

Then it was a Polish girl getting happily married with a Haryanavi thakur boy.

Not to forget,the cute Delhi Punjabi munda exchanging vows with the ever beautiful Bengali bride.

These are just a few ones. There were a lot many.

Love today is expanding.Beyond boundaries and limits.It's all over. People getting hooked online and sharing wedding invites on email's are a common phenomena. Just yesterday I was attending a Muslim reception and to my surprise it was simply beautiful.Time has changed a lot and so , I guess, the love too.It's more than just liking or loving someone . It's more than just searching for someone who fits in the family household.It's something words can't describe.

After all this , it makes me wonder which one do I settle for ? Not that too many options I have , now…