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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life is Beautiful and so are YOU

Today, as the first drop of sweat came near the eye lash , I realised winters are over and summers have set in . For all those who are in Delhi , it's been a decent winter-spell .There was a time back may be a close decade ago ,  when I was in MSM that I used to love Delhi winters.

Just the entire winter attire - the tie,the shirts ,trousers,sweaters and above all the MSM Blazer . It used be a complete formal corporate look . [ which my "to-date" corporate attire lacks :( :( ] School days were fun & simply awesome.

But , not only time has changed , the "mausam"also. Be it the growing pollution , population or global warming , the winters in Delhi are simply yuk and so tough . Thank god for little mercy on us but it makes me shiver what the not-so good-to-do people do and manage .

I don't usually get time for watching or catching up on my favourite shows these days ,but,somehow whenever I switch the idiot box there are a whole bunch of idiots who are giving all kinds of gyaan . And the sad part is - they call themselves - astrologers , palmists , numerologists and feng-shui experts and all sorts of universal names.The worst - people from all across call them and within seconds get the queries resolved . I wonder how and why ? And I am sure they too think the same.

People who know me , clearly know that I am strong supporter of astrology and respect people who are really talented and trained and have just one motive in mind - to help people.Not for money . But , for the impatient lot that we are , everyone wants to know their future and at an amazing speed and time . Not possible .

Time takes it's own call . If a thing has to happen it happens . People come to such people and ask - " that if my wife tries hard she can have the baby come out an hour later or may be a day later" !! Can we try to catch the date - 12-12-12 @ 12:12:12 . Will it help ?

I can't believe this . And then you say one is educated . Belief is something , trust is something and not using your mind is something . Gosh !! I tell you.

People and folks often ask me about relationships and marriage from time to time . And I ,for the helper I am , suggests and helps them out. But then they keep on changing and revolving from one "prospective" partner to another and I keep wondering.....what do I make of it. !!

If "you" love someone , you love. If "you"hate someone you hate . What's the other side to it ?!! I don't get it . Giving chances , for things to work out is good , but them time-line is also important . If you like or love someone , just say it . May be it seems tough but then sharing a thought or a feeling is the most beautiful thing in the world.Give the other person time to revert and then positively thinks will be sweet.And if the other person does not revert , koi na , ask again...some people are just so sweet and innocent that you need to put in and go that extra mile . After all , as they say acche log milte kahan worth the effort.

But,the bottom line remains the same - Be true and have trust . Never hide.I can say this from experience . If you have trusted someone , trust completely . And I am one of  the strong supporters of this . And things will turn out to be good.

So, thanks for reading and now just pick that phone / BB / text / email / sms / call / whatsapp or drop-in for a coffee and say it from your him/her [ even if its ages since you connected ] ..2013 has just started's never too late....happens...

PS - Before closing will give you one tip from my "gyaan ka piitaaraa" -  Stop eating "sour" things [ gol-gappas / paani-purri's , pickles and the likes.... ] and see your relationships become sweet . Try and let me know  . After all , I am talented and very helpful too...

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