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Feels nice - Help

It's a good feeling . Deep down inside you feel satisfied and calm .I do . Everytime I do . I do :)

Life is not what it gives . It is what you make of what is already there. Moments are spread across. It's only you who needs to have a buy in . Things , places , people - change but the moments keep flowing .

Help - Helping is a beautiful universe in this world. A thought which always comes whenever I hear the word - help - is - wow ! a chance to live better , a chance to do better , a chance to live life .

It can be anything in the cluster of things you do all around . It could be patiently listening to the cab driver when all he knows is about driving and farms and cows and "bhaath" . It could be giving him that small strip of a medicine when is down with fever . It could be writing / helping  his son who wants to buy the "latest computer" :) the best way to buy / build  one.

It can be your security guard who smiles everytime you walk beside him and hardly anyo…

Life in the sky

:) :)

Things move fast ! And we all move faster ! Life moves smooth ! and we move faster ! Irony !!

Lately,have been so wanting to share / write something to anything but squeezing time was far tougher than squeezing lime . I am still figuring what is keeping me busy . With all the red flags , reminder , planner , to-do things working very hard for me ; still something is a miss . Often it happens that noting / writing doesn't necessarily means doing / closing .

Last week I flew to Chennai . It was an experience in itself . One day trip and a half day session - combined in one. Though ,I had been to the place before , in my growing years I hardly recollect . This time it was a superb journey . My first visit to the stunning T3 which is a massive place to be in . In case you haven't checked it out yet , it's a must visit . But make sure you do not miss your flight  :p . The aerobridges were something that caught my eye . Truly world class.Chennai in particular , is not a one …

Simi Selects India's Most Desirable

Wow !! I try my best not to miss this show . That explains everything . Sundays @ 9 are eagerly awaited . Not because of the guests that are talked on the show but more about the way the conversation flows .

Rendezvous with Simi  , back in time was also one of the most well hosted talk shows . And this shows my love for Star World. If you were / are a keen follower of the shows you will notice the change that has taken place - be the hosting ,the ambiance , the format ,the audience and the guests topped up with the in-between modules and of course Simi's attire . A lot has transformed and why not , after all branding is this.

The guests as always are mostly the tinsel town folks . May be because these people are the most loved , most desired or may be simply because they entertain us . And we as typical Indian's always want to know on what is the new / latest / happening in there lives . And hence , we get hooked.

John Abraham - is a good human being first . Everything else come…



Investment is an art . And it's true. After all , making your money work for you is not that an easy thing . Each school of thought has it's own story . Some say , let's invest early .Some , well , let me accumulate ,then will start . For some , forget it . I am happy the way things are . 

I won't say that I am the best in the business . I am the finance whiz-kid who is so much in demand that meeting him equals seeing  the sun and moon rise together . It's just that I am passionate in whatever I do . Banks , financial institutions and the likes have so many good people that I am not even 1% to the knowledge and skills they have . Learning from them is an experience which only you can feel. There is so much to learn and unlearn everyday that it's simply vast.

I always believe, that advising people on money is like telling them sugar free is not the "only" better option . There are many ways to strike your sweet-tooth . For you to become an investment…

It's a YES with a pinch of NO

I have been attending a lot of marriages this 2011 .And when I say a lot , it means a lot.

First there was this Indian born Australian Hindu boy getting married to an Australian girl .

Then it was a Polish girl getting happily married with a Haryanavi thakur boy.

Not to forget,the cute Delhi Punjabi munda exchanging vows with the ever beautiful Bengali bride.

These are just a few ones. There were a lot many.

Love today is expanding.Beyond boundaries and limits.It's all over. People getting hooked online and sharing wedding invites on email's are a common phenomena. Just yesterday I was attending a Muslim reception and to my surprise it was simply beautiful.Time has changed a lot and so , I guess, the love too.It's more than just liking or loving someone . It's more than just searching for someone who fits in the family household.It's something words can't describe.

After all this , it makes me wonder which one do I settle for ? Not that too many options I have , now…