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Friday, November 25, 2011

Feels nice - Help

It's a good feeling . Deep down inside you feel satisfied and calm .I do . Everytime I do . I do :)

Life is not what it gives . It is what you make of what is already there. Moments are spread across. It's only you who needs to have a buy in . Things , places , people - change but the moments keep flowing .

Help - Helping is a beautiful universe in this world. A thought which always comes whenever I hear the word - help - is - wow ! a chance to live better , a chance to do better , a chance to live life .

It can be anything in the cluster of things you do all around . It could be patiently listening to the cab driver when all he knows is about driving and farms and cows and "bhaath" . It could be giving him that small strip of a medicine when is down with fever . It could be writing / helping  his son who wants to buy the "latest computer" :) the best way to buy / build  one.

It can be your security guard who smiles everytime you walk beside him and hardly anyone smiles back .It could be giving a blanket to keep himself cool when he guards "you" in the winters .

It can be the cute girl whom you see crying for the candy that got dropped onto the ground . It could be wiping her tears and taking her in your arms and telling her that the world is YOU.

It can be the friend who hardly calls you in the years gone by and one fine day calls you to fix an interview since he looking for a job change .

The list just goes on and on . It stops only when you stop living life . It feels really happy deep down within when you help someone . When you lend a helping hand to your mom on your weekends .When you tell your dad that let polish your shoes this time. When you tell your better half forget the cooking , let me order from outside :P

Try helping people wherever whenever however you CAN . It makes a difference . More than that person ; to you . Life is too long to live for yourself and too short to live for others. Try the latter one . Feels nice .

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life in the sky

:) :)

Things move fast ! And we all move faster ! Life moves smooth ! and we move faster ! Irony !!

Lately,have been so wanting to share / write something to anything but squeezing time was far tougher than squeezing lime . I am still figuring what is keeping me busy . With all the red flags , reminder , planner , to-do things working very hard for me ; still something is a miss . Often it happens that noting / writing doesn't necessarily means doing / closing .

Last week I flew to Chennai . It was an experience in itself . One day trip and a half day session - combined in one. Though ,I had been to the place before , in my growing years I hardly recollect . This time it was a superb journey . My first visit to the stunning T3 which is a massive place to be in . In case you haven't checked it out yet , it's a must visit . But make sure you do not miss your flight  :p . The aerobridges were something that caught my eye . Truly world class.Chennai in particular , is not a one day trip visit . There is lot to see and feel . The place is buzzing with vehicles which is a common sight . Temple bells ringing and the aroma of the south Indian cuisine is not far behind . We managed to squeeze out time to the famous - Murugan idli shop @ T nagar and savoured the famous soft idli , ghee pongal [ after which I just couldn't walk ] uttappam & coffee . This is a must visit place .

The Club house road area it a typical South Delhi area and houses some of the known corporate offices. The people I met / interacted were warm and ever smiling . However, the language does take time to understand .

Work keeps me busy and FB and the likes are my only connect these days with the world . Though I would spend more time to talk and meet ; it just doesn't happen . An interesting thing which happened was when I got a call from a matrimony service firm sometime back saying your profile had been shortlisted for a privilege membership and then next thing I asked was - "So you guys are giving  / gifting brides to me " :) and the guy was taken aback . These days you never know how fast your money/ virtual world / email's get moved and shared and random people call and take you by shock / surprise .

With the festivities kicking in and the F1 circuit glowing Delhi / NCR is surely buzzing with loads of activity. Hope this season brings in a lot of cheers and fun to all of you !

Don't know how many of us are familiar with the concept of Miles . Whenever you fly / shop ,as case be you earn free miles for every money spent . This is really cool . I never knew and this time , as always ,I made sure that I knew everything about this  . So , I applied for this travel card which is the best currently  - .

Twitter handle - @karansayz

PS - Do read - Lonely Planet - everyday @ night before sleeping . You'll have / get an amazing "dream" . :)

Best wishes for a safe and great festive season ahead !!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simi Selects India's Most Desirable

Wow !! I try my best not to miss this show . That explains everything . Sundays @ 9 are eagerly awaited . Not because of the guests that are talked on the show but more about the way the conversation flows .

Rendezvous with Simi  , back in time was also one of the most well hosted talk shows . And this shows my love for Star World. If you were / are a keen follower of the shows you will notice the change that has taken place - be the hosting ,the ambiance , the format ,the audience and the guests topped up with the in-between modules and of course Simi's attire . A lot has transformed and why not , after all branding is this.

The guests as always are mostly the tinsel town folks . May be because these people are the most loved , most desired or may be simply because they entertain us . And we as typical Indian's always want to know on what is the new / latest / happening in there lives . And hence , we get hooked.

John Abraham - is a good human being first . Everything else comes later . His recent break-up with Bipasha may have raised eyebrows across but the way "he" has come up and handled the same explains that men are far better in coming out of a break-up . ;)

I would refrain myself from commenting on the if's and the but's in this relationship but I feel strongly, that whatever happens , happens for good . Now that they are parted , I am sure , it must have been a hard and tough time , they will eventually be happy and make progress way forward .

Watching the show today , the way John's parents summed up their thoughts and experiences comes across as a simple family who want the best for their son . On all fronts .

Quote - " No two women can be in the same kitchen " .

It can be taken into many meanings and connotations . These days the youth is so free , independent and makes a call for "space " . This , at the cost of moving out also . So much comes at stake that at times one doesn't realize what is at stake and what is being taken at stake . Individual thoughts , I say.

Often , these days , when I look back into the relationships I have been a part of , thoughts flow haywire . There were times when I thought it was the most beautiful thing to happen . And feeling special is always special .

Often , in time, when you are with that special someone ; you tend to offend / ward off people who always are with you / stood by you. This is when you start loosing yourself , the people and everything else .

Relationships - be with the special someone, be with your associates,peers ,friends even foes are something you are and always be a part of . The way you think /act , communicate  decide the fate . In each of our journey of life there are so many incidents where we have been in/out of relationships / people . It's as always as I say - somethings click and some don't . Never forget to connect and share . It's a personal view and thought ,that  the more you share / talk / communicate the more you love the relationship  . Add a dash of truth and you'll love it.

Relationships are based on trust . Period . A single lie is a sure shot killer ,in near future .

People,are sentimental and emotional . They are loving and caring . It's just the way you nurture the relationship and it develops into something beautiful.

Communication as always is the key .....

Wishing you all a happy relationship !! And do not forget to take the first step . Time is still on .

PS - Did you notice - No tarot for John A and Siddharth M.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Investment is an art . And it's true. After all , making your money work for you is not that an easy thing . Each school of thought has it's own story . Some say , let's invest early .Some , well , let me accumulate ,then will start . For some , forget it . I am happy the way things are . 

I won't say that I am the best in the business . I am the finance whiz-kid who is so much in demand that meeting him equals seeing  the sun and moon rise together . It's just that I am passionate in whatever I do . Banks , financial institutions and the likes have so many good people that I am not even 1% to the knowledge and skills they have . Learning from them is an experience which only you can feel. There is so much to learn and unlearn everyday that it's simply vast.

I always believe, that advising people on money is like telling them sugar free is not the "only" better option . There are many ways to strike your sweet-tooth . For you to become an investment consultant you need to manage your own little money first then stepping into the world where people play safe on you. It's a great line to be in , given the current times and also one of the hardest to stick in .


Delhi is burning as always . Summers are always a killer here . Going out and shopping is the last thing I want to be a part of . Dining out was never an option . As was the choice of the places . But somehow, the past year , Greater Kailash , has carved a unique spot on my list. May be this has to do with the number of options this area offers , or the crowd which throngs or may be the proximity or the usual change which everyone looks for . GK , as its shared , is a nice place .Not being diplomatic and politically correct , you get the usual Delhi's elite class out in show . Teenagers , college goers , corporates , lovers , friends - just about everyone . Also,when you talk about GK you relate or hit the "M-Block" for obvious reasons . I prefer the unusual - "N" block . After brothers in arms , the N block is my pic . May be because it's a little less happening , little less crowded and it has this simple feel which I like .

Kasbah - The 4-storied restaurant complex is a recent entry . Of close to a number of visits this place is nice . Nice , in my terms has a different connotation . You can hang out with friends and likes ,spend time , don't watch cricket or just discuss things at length . And you will not know when time has reached the closing . Mannekin - the lounge is my best pick . Not because I am a big lounge fan and I love to just relax and enjoy the music , the ambience of this , is nice . With fiery red all around , tempers may fly high but then that's usual :P 


I like politics . But there's a disclaimer to it . I follow politics , I know people in politics and given a chance I can enter .But,this is a place where things change often . And with each shutters something new comes up . With the recent TMC and AIADMK wins it's clear that change can happen and people once voted out can again come to power . The only thing which makes a winner is the amount of goodwill you have with the voters . And that's a tough call .


"True love is a tough find. But then all good things are hard nuts to crack.So keep fighting . Keep searching . And the sun will rise" - I said these to a dear friend when she kept on crying on and on and as everyone knows I hate tears ,so I had to bring the smile back on .These worked . Heartbreaks , in fact, anything that breaks is a never-to-be-joined -again case. Be practical at times and be flexible on the rest . Things are not that hard that we can't come out of them . I can write on and on and share my thoughts and give speeches to all those folks and birds tweaking but then I am exclusive :P.


Astrology - Well, I'll leave this for some other time . You need to meet me to get my views on this one . And as for the financial planning , well , nothing comes for free ....;)

--If you too are bored of munni and sheila - check this out -

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a YES with a pinch of NO

I have been attending a lot of marriages this 2011 .And when I say a lot , it means a lot.

First there was this Indian born Australian Hindu boy getting married to an Australian girl .

Then it was a Polish girl getting happily married with a Haryanavi thakur boy.

Not to forget,the cute Delhi Punjabi munda exchanging vows with the ever beautiful Bengali bride.

These are just a few ones. There were a lot many.

Love today is expanding.Beyond boundaries and limits.It's all over. People getting hooked online and sharing wedding invites on email's are a common phenomena. Just yesterday I was attending a Muslim reception and to my surprise it was simply beautiful.Time has changed a lot and so , I guess, the love too.It's more than just liking or loving someone . It's more than just searching for someone who fits in the family household.It's something words can't describe.

After all this , it makes me wonder which one do I settle for ? Not that too many options I have , now ;)

Should I settle down to the love [ I am still not sure,if its love  ] of eight years and see how life changes ?

Should I marry someone who is so close to my folks that they know they'll be happy having her around ?

Should I say yes to the Muslim girl who , I know,in the hearts of heart loves me ?

Should I cry , wipe out and full with positivity go back in time and tell that special someone of my college days , that it's time we make up and settle down ?

Should I try my hand out at that person whom I really liked in my management training days .So what if she was elder to me?

Should I wait and see if I can get engaged to an "angrez" ?

Should I be with someone whom I know is my opposite and hates me , but deep down I think we are paired ?

Should I get into a relationship with someone who already has done something that one only imagines after marriage ? And I know ,if we are together we will rock !

Should I have tried to pursue my parents not to let that "Bengali" girl get married so soon ?

Should I wait and watch like my childhood buddy did ? Wait for the parents to act and then settle down with a cute simple family girl ?

Should I try for that highly intellect Bangalore girl who's family simply adores me ?

Should I say "yes" to that person with whom I have been chatting all along in this journey ?

Sometimes , somethings are to be left just the way they are .After all , miracles do happen.And so does cataclysms.Life is more than just being with someone . It's a whole wide world out there.And yes,there is a lot of value-to be added from your presence.

In the meantime you figure out what I have just shared - do listen to this -

Also,the views / relations / religions shared / expressed are not to be misquoted or misinterpreted :) . They are not necessarily related to me or to my network of people.

You can also share your views / follow me at my twitter handle @karansayz besides the usual FB and emails.

Wishing you all a happy life !! :)