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Heya , [ that's my new found greeting word ]

Well,Shillong is beautiful . Infact,as a matter of fact the entire North Eastern part of India is simply splendiferous.Of late besides TLC [ my favourite channel on air ] ,NDTV good times is a good bet. A beautiful documentary / show was on air . It showed the brilliant Tripura Castle and the royal King PBK Manikya. Do google and you'll know our India a lot better.Next time when planning a vacation do visit this part of India. You'll love it.

Have you watched Partner ? In case yes, nice .In case no,no worries. The other day on my way to a friend's place me and my associate had a gala time . Girls love to talk and I am too good with listening. We were discussing about this song from Dabang: Munni Badnaam Hui and then Salman and the discussion flew into "partner" .

I recalled when way back in school we used to have this thing of "taking partners" . MSM - my alma matter allowed to shift / change our "bench…