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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time hai kya - smile na then....

An associate of mine @ work recently asked- "Karan,I think you work a bit too much. How is your blogging going".  ?

And I said -"Ohh !! yeah !!~ Blogging..."

Here I am.

Now I can have a fellow understanding of all those people - sorry -corporates - who say that we are BUSY.We really don't get time.It's work and more work. Days,months and years.....

I agree.I have seen my time wash away.Days and weeks. Weekends and those moments of peace. Work is gaining "the" priority.

I'll share with you a funny incident which happened recently. We were suppose to meet this top-honcho of a top firm . He stays in GK -2 . I had the address and the connects and fixed up a meeting with this person. On the day , as usual we rushed . Delhi traffic made sure we were BANG on time . But guess what , instead of GK-2 we reached GK-1 .Same house number but with a different name plate . And I said -" fish" . How is this possible.".

The associate said ,I'll check . And yes we were at the right house but in a wrong locality.

Who to be blamed ? Keep thinking....

A dear friend from the US said - " Need to take little less pressure of work.US is superb.Fixed timings.Gym and swimming.Parties and pubs.It's all so nice and serene.Look at Delhi.I can't have good food and water let alone clean roads".

Life becomes so so hectic at times that all you feel is running away to a place which is - DIFFERENT.

Not possible for many . Try doing things that make you smile.

Was reading an article of late , which shared some nice insights into making people's life glow. A senior @ work asked me - "you must be busy on the weekends ." . To which I said - " weekends are meant for relaxing.So whatever you do , with whomever you wish  to , spend time , chit-chat and just be happy. Small moments are the key to all things in life . If you loose them and hunt for the big ones , it's like I'll pray only in a temple ,not in my small mandir @ home .

Choices and choices !!

This August - grab a bite of the delicious -Ghevar !! Simply....yummy....

PS- A friend said to me recently - "It's time that you...................."  phir kabhi......