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Jewel of Delhi

This was on hold for a while !!
For reasons unknown to me :0
But,since now it's done it's worth a mention.

A friend of mine recently visited Delhi . It was for the first time he was visiting Delhi,so like any general tourist he asked [in exact words] - "Bhai, Delhi mein dekhne layak kya hai.Matlab famous types."

And yours truly said - " Main hoon na" :)

Then a google was done and 50 odd things were displayed and then jotted down.All very swiftly.
When the list was handed ,I was impressed - Delhi has so much too offer. Wow !!
So,as a typical management student would do ,we did a detail R and D into the list and finally it was cut short to a more manageable 6 in all.
I had visited the rest five ,but the sixth one was "THE ONE".
This was the place that is / was a must see.

It's a brilliance of architecture;the carving done will make you go " OMG";It took five years + to make it and thousands of man hours went into the creation of this "jewe…