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Youngistaan Ka WOW

If you were the game master, what challenge would you like to throw to Ranbir?

Well,any game or a challenge is designed keeping in mind certains conditions :

the game master;
the contestant(Ranbir);
the product(Pepsi); and
a three tier link between the above three which makes a perfect formula for success
The challenge should be such that it :

grasps the audience attention
is interesting
relates well with the product / theme
stronger brand recall

Beach Challenge.To spot twin - dolphins [ usually dolphins travel in groups.However there are certain who travel in pairs only.Spotting them is a tough thing to do ] 
Ranbir would require to follow them ,both, which in turn guide and lead him too a hidden treasure of "Pepsi".
It's not easy.The dolphin's too like Pepsi and it would take certain skills - [ singing a song , playing with them, giving them a product similar to Pepsi [ a competitiors ,may be ] which the Dolphin refuse .
The entire theme of making up to the Dolphin in r…