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Showing posts from March 7, 2010


It's been a while , now !!
And the journey is still on, to say so...
Well,was thinking to write this blog post since a long time !!
But ,gosh !! Busy , I was to the core :P...
Skipping meals , missing [ intentionally ] my workout regime , NO studies ,at all .
So , where the hell , am I being so busy !!
Rads would say - "Baba ,is always on his cell".
But,believe me this time around I have genuinely started talking less and less. [ Was a new year resolution :) ]
There is not much to do out here @ SIIB .As the final month before the stepping out is ON it seems to going in a pace of its own.Everyone is kind a relaxed,cheerful & in a "masti" mood to make the most of it.Since I had already spent February doing the "masti" things .....all I am doing is sleeping , eating [ though occasionally ] , chatting up , once a while reading on some stuff and movies.
Looking @ my fingernails which needed a cut , I was reminded of my good old school days when I used to do &…