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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Live the moments......Love life.......

Thoughts and thoughts and some more thoughts !!
That's what ALL I am doing these days !

Besides,tracking the markets,portfolio's of my clients,meeting some "big" people ,cracking big deals and hanging out at never before places,thinking thoughts is what I am into these days.

Most of the day,week,month ends up-working . Friday's seems to be a distant future.Sunday nights become sleepless with the thought of Monday's approaching.

To add to this there is so much of driving,meetings,conference calls and "gyaan" from all around that I feel my life is just not mine.There are good and super good moments as well and the near so , bad and angry bursts are not very far.

But this is life . Right ? That's the way we take it.

Months before it was so cool,chilled out and free flowing.Now when I reconnect to all those pals all around,it's more or less the same story and the same share. Corporates or non-corporates.Sab same hi hai...

This world is different.People here in are far different .Or may be after being a post-gradaute and a "smart"chap that I am , I am able to see those "unviewed" sides of people.There is learning all around from everyone.Everyone is doing a great job . Everyone is making sure everyone else is doing a great job too.

It's a tough world . I have stopped watching movies,serials or for that matter the good old TV.Newspapers are just Mint and ET and that too on a fast track.Weekends are just for relaxing and summarising the week gone by and planning the week ahead . The "to-do" lists just keeps climbing however,good I am at cutting. :P

Dear friends call me "banker" now and I have no clues if the "Karan" in me has changed or is he still the same.

The parties are just - drinks and snacks with loud music.Period.But a good way to unwind and just chill....

Be it the Big Chill @ Kailash ; Gola's / Moets @ DefCol ; Kasbah @ GK ...and the list goes on . More than these I love just sitting and relishing the walnut pie @ Angels in my kitchen. It's simply yum.

Life simply moves on.It's like a train journey.The views keeps on changing and so the people sitting all around you.But in this fast speed journey take time for all those special people and special moments that are uncomparable to anything in lieu.

PS-Recently a dear friend asked what is it being with Karan for one whole day .So I thought I shall give a small glimpse of the same.You can call me /email me /FB me . In that order.After all,time kahan hai....:P

This Navratri light the lamp of happiness, prosperity and knowledge.Happy Navratri to all of you