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Live the moments......Love life.......

Thoughts and thoughts and some more thoughts !!
That's what ALL I am doing these days !

Besides,tracking the markets,portfolio's of my clients,meeting some "big" people ,cracking big deals and hanging out at never before places,thinking thoughts is what I am into these days.

Most of the day,week,month ends up-working . Friday's seems to be a distant future.Sunday nights become sleepless with the thought of Monday's approaching.

To add to this there is so much of driving,meetings,conference calls and "gyaan" from all around that I feel my life is just not mine.There are good and super good moments as well and the near so , bad and angry bursts are not very far.

But this is life . Right ? That's the way we take it.

Months before it was so cool,chilled out and free flowing.Now when I reconnect to all those pals all around,it's more or less the same story and the same share. Corporates or non-corporates.Sab same hi hai...

This world is differen…