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Time hai kya - smile na then....

An associate of mine @ work recently asked- "Karan,I think you work a bit too much. How is your blogging going".  ?

And I said -"Ohh !! yeah !!~ Blogging..."

Here I am.

Now I can have a fellow understanding of all those people - sorry -corporates - who say that we are BUSY.We really don't get time.It's work and more work. Days,months and years.....

I agree.I have seen my time wash away.Days and weeks. Weekends and those moments of peace. Work is gaining "the" priority.

I'll share with you a funny incident which happened recently. We were suppose to meet this top-honcho of a top firm . He stays in GK -2 . I had the address and the connects and fixed up a meeting with this person. On the day , as usual we rushed . Delhi traffic made sure we were BANG on time . But guess what , instead of GK-2 we reached GK-1 .Same house number but with a different name plate . And I said -" fish" . How is this possible.".

The associate said ,I'll …