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Zindagi pal ki..............

Nothing great happening. Koi na….Read on....

Well, was driving through the busy lanes of Delhi last evening and came across a beautiful park. The sight of it made me stop and just look around what all was happening.

So, I decided to poke in my ear / eyes and hear / see what all were people up to.

Who’s WHO?

We had our “old” / senior ladies chit-chatting about the religious stuff.

The “seniors” / gents were taking a stroll, talking about the government policies and the yes! The rains.

The housewives [may be ex-corporates :)] were baby-sitting and believe me, as always, the little ones were adorable. Innocent .Not giving a shit about what is happening around. Least concerned if “The” Karan is present. They were simply too busy to be free

The “young” ones were playing. Playing here is a bit different. The “big” boys were protecting their”little”sisters. Some were playing in the mud and doing some form of construction which even major real estate developers will find hard to imitate. The others were playing “bat-ball” and there were some girls playing “stapu” [if that’s how it’s spelled].

YOU – must have passed through one of these stages sometime soon. Or may be you are in one of these. Or you will be moving into one, soon.

Did you happen to do this? Will you be doing this? Or is something better you have lined up?

We keep thinking and thinking .God only knows what we think. And then Time up.

There is so much to do and believe me time is ample. You need to plan and prioritize. What is in “real” needed of you? Then you should just do it. There is no right time or right moment.It all depends how well you are prepared to go .

Think and let me know!!

PS – Month end in banks are a tough time. Sachi.....


jimmyd said…
HI bro...amazing thing..mast likha hai...
Yes, the right time is NOW - I recently reminded of that :-).

I like the photo :-)
Anonymous said…
And that's what i like the jst few simple words u hv jotted the true moments of life..."Zindagi...Do pal ki..."
Karan said…
@Jimmy - Thanks bhai !!
@Raajii & Chetna -Thanks for your appreciation.
Mehak said…
nice post!
indeed, zindagi do pal ki hi hai.. yet we spend most of our time complaining about it! just human nature i suppose..
Chanz said…
nice.. Sometimes, we spend our lives worrying about things that don't even matter that much.. we forget about the small gestures and small events that bring a smile to our face.. we have made life complex and we have got used to leading a complex life..
Karan said…
@Mehak - Human Nature ? shayad haan . shaayad na. But I believe ,when you really want to do something- DO IT.Do not say -"baad mein".

@Chanz-Very well put.Complex people.Strange life.
pratima said…
Hi Karan, thanks so much for the sweet comments on the blog.
I enjoyed reading about your stroll in the park. We surely forget to enjoy life's simple pleasures.
Karan said…
@Pratima - Thanks for your appreciations . Only moments like these give us the real meaning of life .
Madhu said…
Hi karan: uve actually observed/listened to a lot ..which most of us in our busy lives fail to..:0 Its so nice to read em..:)

thanks for followin me.Uve got urself a follower too..:)

hoping i get to know more!
Karan said…
@Madhu - Thanks for your appreciation.There is so much all around us that we get lost in the so little near us.Will keep sharing.:)
Aparna said…
watching kids and taking a stroll in the park are the small enjoyable pleasures of life
Karan said…
@Aparna - I love kids. And parks give you a platform to watch them closely relish the beauty god has given us.It makes one a child again.After all minutes make an hour.

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