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Friday, June 18, 2010

Mirror cracking material & linkage to Astrology ?!

For a good number of days - I have been saying " Delhi is HOT ". And guess what ? It is . Still .Today,I was commuting with a confrère in one of Delhi's most swishest arenas - Sainik Farms.

And a strange thing happened today.

The roads here are so narrow that driving becomes knotty,many a times.And one of the Skoda's smashed the driver's side view mirror. And it "cracked".

The confrère,shared with me that the cracked mirror is a sign of  bad luck . And guess what ? It brings bad luck for seven years . But that is only if you see your image in it. I guess, we didn't.

Does it really happen that ways ? Seven years straight away gone ? No good luck ? No blessings ? No best wishes would count ? All the hardwork you do will be zeroed ? All that "good" which the seven years were to bring to you would go or get delayed ?

We Indian's are a superstitious lot . We do number of things . And we follow and believe a hundred others.

My personal inclination towards Indian Astrology , at times makes me question so many matters that the grey cells stop responding.If you start believing so many things by so many people / books / the entire domains how will you survive ?

I'll share with you some common things -

--Do not cross if a cat crosses you.
--Do not wear black on Saturdays.
--If someone sneezes you better sit still for a while.
--If you drink milk then do not ,without flushing your mouth with water step out.
--If someone sees you with "strange"eyes and makes three glances and "nazar" lag gaye.
--In a mandir , the females are required to take the "tika" on your hand only and then apply it.
--The "kalira's" if fallen on the head of prospective girl , the marriage takes place fast.

I have a whole lot of this to go on. But these are just views .Some believe them.To the core.Some don't.

It's for you to decide what to do and what not do. Destiny won't change.But then you can't stop breathing saying I am doing yoga so that I control my breath and live longer.

As I say ,strange world. Strange people.

PS- I study and practise Vedic Astrology and folks here says I know a good bit . Though , I personally believe in the power of karma and prayers , if I can help you with anything let me know @ - Karans twitter handle .


Shivani said...

You're not missing anything great if you haven't watched Rajneeti. Its utterly stupid.

Ya.. About superstition.. well..some people really believe in it blindly. But if there's a scientific or spiritual logic behind something, then what's the harm in taking care?
There are some things that produce bad vibe. Negative energy as we would call it. I don't want to take chances with that..

Neha said...

I landed reading your blog just after i finished reading my horoscope for the day :P

I know the stuff isn't true but one is always happy to have something to blame for ;)


Karan said...

@Shivani - Yeah ! I agree . I too have some things which I do or follow ! and logic at times doesn't convince me.As they it's all in the mind.Some traditions go on and on.Rajneeti - now will give a thought.

@Neha-You got the lighter side of it. :) :) Nice reason to believe .

Shalini said...

Seven years??
I knew mirror cracking would bring bad years is brand new info though!
And lol...funny superstitions...
I believe in some of them which I make on my own-for eg I avoid wearing a particular tee on the exam day! :P

Karan said...

@Shalini - My mouth went lawless when the person told me about seven years.I know we all make some beliefs or the other.And follow them also.After all somethings are just personal.And hush-hush.

niveditha said...

i don't think today's generation is bothered about these blind beliefs. Only thing with me is, i tend to stop if crossed by a black cat.

Karan said...

@Niveditha-Well,today's generation views "view" differently.Blindly trusting something and following something ongoing are different sectors.One should follow only till the time it doesn't hamper your growth and your inner self.