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Saturday, May 15, 2010

MOM and .....Aashna :) :)

It's been so long !!

But believe me - Delhi is a nothing but -TRAFFIC JAMS  - all around  - huh !!

I was talking to cousin of mine in the US and she told me US is all but traffic jams . Gosh !! Why can't it be the way in India !

She mentioned about a colleague of hers .

This female is Ramya . She's an engineer and a MBA .and yes - from the "II* , ones ] and a great professional.

But a slight twist.

She is no longer working . She handles her family.

Man !! I mean wow !!

But , its a long thing.

Readers ,this is something I wanted to share with you all.

Ramya had an excellent background . School , graduation , post graduation . A great company to work for. And , yes, a great designation.

Then what happened ? Why did she left ?

I love these things about Indians. They do everything passionately. And yes,the heart is involved.Always.

She left her job . For her family. For the cute little adorable - Aashna.

Rajiv [ her husband ] never told her to do so. Neither her parents nor her in-laws.

She took an individual thoughtful decision . And she took it on her own.

And like always,she gave her 100% into this as well. Meet Aashna and you'll know why !

Moms world over do an amazing job.They are the best. Inequitable and unmatchable.
They work.The live.They earn.
They cry.They smile.They suffer.

All for YOU.For US.

Imagine a world without mom's. You can't.
Because rivers are not meant to be empty.

And mind you, I am not advocating the fact that females , working , should give a successful career to be full-time in the family.All I am saying is that they are free to do / choose whatever they think is right.When one gets married responsibilities increase so does the workload and pressure.It's a tough time these days and even tougher to survive and be successful.Both the partners should take an informed and a win-win decision.The child is important.In fact,precious.Don't get carried away with the fast moving life and the "charmed"designations we have.Be prepared to give up things and do "things" you never thought of.Be a helping hand and a support system to each other.

Life would be far better. And exciting.

PS - views are views. But life is tough . at times. very tough.


Lakshmipriya said...

Very rare today..I ditto your views.

Karan said...

@lakshmipriya - Yes ! Somethings never change. But yes,planning can actually make things better.

Kay said...

life is full of give and take, but it's the gift you give (for her it's time) that stays with you forever.

passion redifined

Karan said...

@Kay - beautifully said .