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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Long distance connect and the art of loving !

The picture says it all !!

It happened long back !!

long long back !!

Infact,kaafi time ho gaya.

They say you never love , if you don't meet someone . Face to face. Talk.Share.

But as always they say. And I find it hard to believe whatever ‘they say’.

This post is unlike other posts . May be yes may be not.

A lot of my readers wanted my side of views on this issue.

And a lot means a lot.

Well, I believe if you don't experience it yourself you really don't have much of a say.

It's like someone keeps on calling you ,desperately, so much, that every time they call they hear the ring. But no one answers it. And after a while, with no options they have to give up.
And if the same thing is done to "you" by someone else then only you realize how it feels.

So, I can have my share of views on this one.

Long distance love - well...already has a "long" in probably one of the most common complex phrases I have been hearing time and again.

The world has expanded.So,we have shrinked.
With a 3G’s of the world , we have got the universe a click away.
So much so, we don't even bother to move out, meet people , talk , share.

Just drop in an email / ping / "FB" like" status , tweet and it's done.
It’s our way or rather new way of being in touch.

Remember these things were made so that one could always be with the other one.MORE.
But ,I guess it's worked the other way round.People have stopped meeting.They are so trapped inside these cubicles of fibers that they hardly can imagine a life without them.

An associate of mine married her childhood sweetheart.He moved to Seattle and she was stuck up in poor old Delhi. Initially it was the "usual" missing you - phase for the guy. But gradually,they started sharing / talking only on pings / emails. Later,this also went by.
Once in a blue moon an email used to pop in her inbox saying-"all is well". This was not done. Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

Someone told me - "Karan - the phone has its limitations". I have seen people ,never ever met each other, talked ,loved on phone and then broke away.All on phone.Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

I have a friend with whom I studied. We talked,a bit,back then . Now, when we are miles apart , this "online"thing is "the thing" for us. We talk,share,fight and it feels that we are so much together.Is this long distance love ? Not really !!

Long back on a journey to Kinnaur[HP] , I met an old couple.They shared with me how they met.Very sweetly.For them ,at that time,there were no gtalks/Fb's etc. Yes ! Telephones were there.But they had different way to talking. "S&F-sense and feel" . Uncle would sense , somehow ,I really don't know how,that aunt would be thinking of him ,or waiting for him to call.And he did just that. And for aunt ,for the cutest person she is ,would come to know sitting down in Bangalore that uncle was down with fever.Wow ! Is this long distance love.Not really.

I feel ,of course you should meet the person.Face-to-face.But then that would happen when time comes.Whatever ways you have ,options you use ,make sure you use them.Even if its a small birthday wish , a little hi , a text or if you have shared you number, may be a call on the weekend. That would do.

Remember all of us have a good part in us and a bad part too. We are all smart and all stupid at the same time.TRUST is the single most important thing in life.Try trusting people.It would be not very often that people break your trust.And if they do,learn that it wasn't your trust that failed , it was there wish that they got fulfilled.At the end you stay happy and they too , to some extent.

This is an issue which is too complex to describe. Everyone would have views and counters.All are respected.

PS-sometimes words really don't fill in.......

As for my #astrotip try wearing bright colors . They not only bring the energy level up but also keeps you charged and full of positivity. Couples, once every week should wear a similar color combination. Will help cherish and nurture the relationship.  

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