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Friday, January 1, 2010

WELCOME - 2010 -

Happy New Year - 2010 - !!

CASE - 1 -

From 31st December to 1st January has anything changed ?


  • -the day

  • -the time-

  • -the moment

well that changes everyday !!


-the year !!

ohh ! Now that changes once every year . But yeah it too changes.

But still we find this change more in totality to notice and celebrate.

This means its significant;its "wanted";

A dear friend had his birthday on 31st December . So,its two good ones to cheer for.

I never felt this for my birthday or for that matter anyone else's also.

They too come after a long one year . But we think its OK.

But, this 31st December makes us feel...baap took one full year to make it to this :) :)

CASE - 2-

Since the last 24 hours I have received best wishes from all possible mediums , in all possible ways and from all different people - expected and unexpected.

But I have noticed one thing across all.

We always wish in " May" this happens , "may" you get this , "may" you achieve this.........and likes.

This is so because nothing is fixed.

Life changes every now and then.

Jo aaj tumhara hai woh kal kisi aur ka ho jayega. :)

life moves on.......clock ticks and ticks.......

We grow and grow and move on.

We wish whatever good has gone by stays and whatever bad was done gets left in the year gone by.

"WISH" :)


CASE -3-

A friend had her status message as "start afresh" .Now that's a nice thought.

Vibrant indeed.

Start afresh. Now the word "afresh" holds the key.

It could be -

  • go back and revert

  • change yourself and move on

  • leave people and start with new ones

  • give one chance more and then start again

  • or just start your day with a hot water bath and feel fresh :)

Too many to say to little to follow.

We ( not me included) make many new year resolutions.

Now I seriously don't get what are these all about. Haven't really made myself any and can't think of making some,anytime soon.

A friend decided to quit smoking from yesterday - 12:00 am onwards.

By the time we went for lunch he had already puffed 6 and till time - 9 and counting....

huh !! such is life dearies :)

In short....

anyways,as always,2009 was filled with surprises. Good and bad.

Learnt a lot , shared a bit , I guess and thinking that only the good ones are carried along.

So,bad luck to the poor ones . They couldn't make it.

btw - must watch - 3idiots .


Kanika Ahuja said...

happy new yr!
but life does not have a rest button to it !
it was good, it is good and it will be good!
with change learning is constant

supriya said...

hey to know from your profile that you are a famous had to come by here...after your comment in my blog..thanku for that once again!
Your simplicity yet depth of the one i found in this entry was truely something sounding interesting to me.
I thought only i am the mad one who reads forward messages with such sincerity!
and by the way..really interesting introduction to your blog as well..!
Its really worth following u!

Karan said...

@Kanika - Well ,life is not meant for resting.'coz then one wouldn't be living. Life lived for others is the true life worth living for.

@Supriya-Thanks a ton for the appreciation !!
Well,your blog posts ,the way they flow are simply superb.I try to squeeze in time to make sure I keep myself updated with your blog.Keep blogging !!