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Night before Diwali :)

Date - 16th October , 2009
Venue - someplace , Pune
Activity - Sipping my favourite cappuccino coffee

Tomorrow is Diwali .
Childhood memories take me back to days when it was "THE" festival for me.
I recall how it pumped into me tremendous energy flows , excitement -the entire festive joy would come into me.

The crackers ,the sweets,people coming to wish . This festival has immense positivity attached to itself.

We used to have a week long vacation , or may be more ,at good old school days. And then as they say back home , in Delhi - "Diwali jaate hi....sardiaajatehai"......and Winter happens to be my favourite season.

It was just so amazing.DIVINE.

As time flew by, the spirit became matured - kind a refined . Crackers went down, so did the sweets .It became a "usual" meeting & wishing festival.

They say -
Time heals you up.
Time makes you think again.
Time makes everything up at one time and down at another.

During my engineering college days , Diwali was perhaps …