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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Destiny takes you to destiny.
It's not always what YOU decide/think happens.
Infact,indeed it never happens.

Everything has been planned.Natasha would re-bash me for saying this ,but babes THIS IS TRUE.

I am doing my summer internship in Gurgaon.
And guess what I have to tour to Punjab.
And the place to start is FERZOPUR.

Why ? After 2006,all done with my engg. I really HONESTLY never imagined that I would be going back to FZR.

But,its not always what we want to happen.

The journey ,the same old blue Punjab Mail ,the NDLS and the it says......everything is the same..

And I was almost in joyful tears on this home-coming.
Same place,same people ,same old normal life,.....kuch badla kya ?

Shayad ? Time ? May be....after all time toh badlega hi....

It's a mixed feeling ...being back....and STAYING at a place with people who are more than parents to me....Its really worth it.

I really don't know what to say,what to write,....its something which I can only feel......

FZR-01632 will always be in my heart...

on a lighter note-

journey continues...........