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SIIB GD - PI - an experience beyond words & time

It's an experience which is hard to describe.It has to be felt. In short - participated !

This time around last year my birthday - Feb 1 ,I was travelling to Pune from New Delhi for my SIIB GD/PI ,which was on the 3rd Feb'08 .

It was a great experience. The word 'great" figures out only because I made to SIIB . Had it been the other way..............WHY ? Be positive ;-) OK .

So,it was a good time . GD,PI,GT( group task ) & an Essay . Loads of scope to mess up and also loads to be selected from. It depends how you chalk out a startegy even before you join an institute .

Our seniors ( 2007-09 ) left no stones unturned to make sure everyone was at ease . The preparations , the smiles , the occasional pumping up , embracing each moment & working towards welcoming a new member / family into the SIIB folds - they were simply doing a
brilliant task .
Now its 2009.


It' our time. We are the ones who have changed sides. We are a part of the process . It feels real…