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Friday, April 16, 2010

Jewel of Delhi

This was on hold for a while !!

For reasons unknown to me :0

But,since now it's done it's worth a mention.

A friend of mine recently visited Delhi . It was for the first time he was visiting Delhi,so like any general tourist he asked [in exact words] - "Bhai, Delhi mein dekhne layak kya hai.Matlab famous types."

And yours truly said - " Main hoon na" :)

Then a google was done and 50 odd things were displayed and then jotted down.All very swiftly.

When the list was handed ,I was impressed - Delhi has so much too offer. Wow !!

So,as a typical management student would do ,we did a detail R and D into the list and finally it was cut short to a more manageable 6 in all.

I had visited the rest five ,but the sixth one was "THE ONE".

This was the place that is / was a must see.

  • It's a brilliance of architecture;
  • the carving done will make you go " OMG";
  • It took five years + to make it and thousands of man hours went into the creation of this "jewel of Delhi";
  • It is designed in such a way that believe me one full day is required to explore the place;
  • From the musical fountains to the food courts , to the landscaping to the water bodies built all around the "Gaumukhs",the beautifully manicured lawns with the "wise words" written on them;
  • Statues of noted Indian figured and lotus shaped gardens;

This place is simply amazing.
And this is just the exterior.
When you enter the main building you'll be amazed by it.

Words can't describe it - You need to see it to believe it.

There is a separate shopping arena where you can get souvenirs,T's and mementos and loads of "puja" related articles.Needless to say a visit was paid to this :)

It's a place dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan.

However,what many people tend to miss is there is an another"white mandir" as its called nearby the main one. Six months of painstaking effort went in to build this one.It's beautifully white and has an amazing view overlooking the -games village.

btw- no cameras allowed . :(

So the next time you come to Delhi - do visit - Swaminarayan Akshardham.


Chandrika S Saini said...

I have visited Akshardham Temple many times. But it looks awesome in the pic. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful pic. :)
Interesting style of writting u have! I enjoyed reading this post. :)

Best wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karan looks like u and ur friend had great time together in Delhi. . . I have never been to Delhi yet, though some of my friends are there.

Karan said...

@Chandrika - Thank you so much for your appreciation.
@Savvy - Delhi is always great to be.Do visit whenever you're here.Happy to help.