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Friday, December 25, 2009

Great Indian Weddings & life happens

Congrats ! Mubarak ~and the likes..... must be feeling real good - Right Ranbir ?!!

"It's ‘that’ feeling you can't describe"-said Ranbir

Mixed emotions,funny anxieties....and god knows what all !

So when Ranbir told me -"bhai ! Its ON. "I already knew it was going to happen. Not because I am invited from both the groom and bride's side.....but it wasn't THAT a surprise for me personally.

But.....OK.Great !! So my dear buddy is "horse climbing" -( if that's a word)

Feels good. For him and her . Both .

Families,friends,parties,week long celebrations and a whole lot of  gala activities.

Wow !!

As I say - Just two performers and a world around them.

Such are the well put-"Great Indian Weddings".

I still recall Ranbir's big brother's wedding.If I can say,it's on my top 5 picks of the best wedding functions attended by me so far. So,why it features out in the Top 5. Here’s below :

*      --The who's who of the Delhi Power circle were invited.

*      --The most luxurious of my favorite hotels were booked for the function.

*      --My favorite designer and my big sis designed the weeding trousseau.

*      --Each and every guest (barring the special ones ;) ) were given a special wedding pack/gift (concept thought by yours truly :)

*      --the gamut of food was simply irresistible

*      --the best band in Delhi

*      --and yes a heavy layer of security

I name it and it was all present.

A week long activity......

Ring ceremony



Pre Marriage Nutty party

The Grand Shaadi


Cocktail dinner - hosted by close friends

Huh !!

I can't even remember if I came home that week.Ranbir and I had a series of attires in the cars. So change and we are IN. :) [management from that time only ]

Wow !!feels great !

Don't really know if such lavish spending is a good going but certainly everything is for just one special thing- TO MAKE THAT DAY / MOMENT UNFORGETTABLE.FOR EACH AND EVERYONE PRESENT.

Does all this ensure a good going marriage ?

hehe - Can't really say or comment on that.

Nothing is forever. but then nothing is nothing.

You don't stop breathing because someday you'll have to go.

You don't stop meeting / making friends just because you lost someone close.

You don't stop travelling just because of one bad journey experience.

On a different note you should enjoy every moment even if it has nothing to do with you.I still recall on one of my memorable visits to Nabha Palace,Mussoorie.A family was there to celebrate their little daughter's birthday.And I was "maha upset" with something.

Nabha Palace 

But , the way the little girl invited us to her party made me forget anything and everything bad ever happened to me. Such is the power when you give a smile to someone else.

And if they give you a smile back then Bingo !! you're still"living" .

A life everyone wishes to....

wisely said - to keep your marriage brimming,with love in the wedding cup,whenever you're wrong,admit it;whenever you're right,shut up ;)

PS – My astro tip for all of you . Not for this time . Just be true and honest to your better half / potential better half . And remember there’s nothing that can come in between the two of you .

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