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Great Indian Weddings & life happens

Congrats !Mubarak ~and the likes..... must be feeling real good - Right Ranbir ?!!
"It's ‘that’ feeling you can't describe"-said Ranbir

Mixed emotions,funny anxieties....and god knows what all !

So when Ranbir told me -"bhai ! Its ON. "I already knew it was going to happen. Not because I am invited from both the groom and bride's side.....but it wasn't THAT a surprise for me personally.
But.....OK.Great !! So my dear buddy is "horse climbing" -( if that's a word)
Feels good. For him and her . Both .
Families,friends,parties,week long celebrations and a whole lot of  gala activities.
Wow !!
As I say - Just two performers and a world around them.
Such are the well put-"Great Indian Weddings".
I still recall Ranbir's big brother's wedding.If I can say,it's on my top 5 picks of the best wedding functions attended by me so far. So,why it features out in the Top 5. Here’s below :

--The who's who of the Delhi Power circle were…