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Thursday, November 26, 2009

16 November 2009

Some folks related this to - 16 December -starring Milind & Dipannita ;)

They say - "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.You must set yourself on FIRE".

Good things happen to good people who too have good people by their side.

Just to sprinkle , good time ,good luck ,good blessings & yes ! good love also do the final refining.

Something similar happened on 16 November,2009.

My third semester exams started from this date . That's just a part worth :)

A lot more happened .

In words of my peers ,as they said -

Karan -

-->your MBA is OVER / has come to an end

-->you can / could possibly be engaged now....even marry

-->why even study for the exams . Damn. You don't need to .

-->so all sincere people making it to the top,

-->you deserved it all,


-->Enjoy whatever time you have in the B-school to the full......







Views and opinions matter. Only good ones :) ;)

So,why all this "gyaan" on one single day. For it's not my BIG DAY or even a D / B 'day.

Just because I got placed ;)

Well,that's not JUST .

Its a dream come true.

Its divine.

Its just.......

"Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother."

One of the toughest selection processes I ever undertook , spent one full day ,including giving an end term paper and then preparing for an another one on the 17th . huh !!

It was all so very Happening.

and best part was not at a place I knew but at a place which I adore for a number of reasons ;)

You really never know when time takes you places .

It was all falling into place.The day,the process,the works.MAGIC all over.All around.

Calls,texts,emails,hugs and xxxx all came poring in .From all around.

Believe me it was the BEST DAY of the year and one which goes into my top list.

And it wouldn't be fair on my part not to say this to ALL you special people-


To all the teachers / profs / mentors who taught me everything in most amazing ways,

To all those who studied with me @ MSM,SBSCET,SIIB,

to all those who worked with me at PMP,IOCL,Genpact,

to all those who helped me @ MNYL,

for all the love,the blessings ,the good wishes,

for all those whom I met / will meet in this journey of life,

for those who are no longer with me but still in my heart,

for the memories that I carry -the good ones and the bad ones ;)

from the bottom of my heart


Best Wishes ,


Remember --We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated--

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