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Crazy world of - Social Networking -

Recently got a call from a leading business magazine to write up articles for MBA and the power of social networking (SN) linked with MBA's .

Then, an email from one of my good old friends who happens to be working for a major social networking web portal to write something for the portal.

The two situations , if linked well , have a common "pathway".

They want you to be heard. Agreed.
They also want you to use your skills..whatever they may be....Agreed....
and more over ......... enough....kuch bhi ......:P

Thoughts , views and likes are one and the same thing.
I am already doing this through my blog.

The concept of social networking....its a tricky word to say not new.And most my learned readers are familiar with it.

And what makes me say that - My cousin's cute little son ( 8 years ) was pissed off with me .

Why ?

I called him up to wish him "happy wala birthday" rather than dropping into his facebook "wall".

I don't know if he knows what "SN" is all about but he certainly knows how to use the various applications on FB.

I still remember , in fact, I don't , when Payal introduced me to Hi5.Ages back.....rewind........

It was a great hit that time and everyone was a part of it. Including me.

It was such an addiction that my precious "one" life was actually going away after putting in so much hours of Hi5 work.

Now,I don't know about others but at least I don't even remember my user name and password for Hi5.


It's all gone.

Then came in orkut.....and what happened is history.
Now FB is the way. Till date.......

huh !!

I have seen my friends go on and on and on. Its the best use of viral marketing that one can think of. You meet old friends , whom you lost base with long back , you make new ones , if lucky ,you find "that" ones as well.....

And whats more when you have games like "Mafia wars" and "crazy taxi" there's lot more to want for.

Sending flowers , gifts , "tagging" people , changing status messages and letting everyone know that YOU EXIST . Rather you're a part of all this.

I get bored with things very easily. Things need to be changed / make changing , for me to stick on.

I don't know how much of these "SN" have affected me or my life....but certainly I have put in a lot more hours in these .

When me and Pooja were working on our foundation project , a small girl asked me- " she was referring too) mein kya kya hota hai.isse aap "sab kuch" kar sakte ho kya.

And that's when I realised no matter which ever SN site you join you can't find this little friend . She needs in "my man hours" more than those SN out there.

Its good to be in touch with the latest around you . But at the same time its best to use your life to bring a smile to others.I know its easy to say and hard to do...but that's it.

I myself have found so many of my lost buddies that I thank "SN" like these . However, I don't know if at all , the cell phones , the cards , the letters would go away and everything would be online.

There is so much to do and time always keeps ticking. We choose what we feel like. Its an individual decision.

btw- need to update my status on all SN sites .New Blog Post posted after all......

uff.....some people I tell you...... :P

BTW - I have my own personal FaceBook page now and may I request you to  ' like' / 'comment' / 'share' , in case you like my writing or me :) .


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