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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Once an Ajnabee....NO MORE an Ajnabee

On my recent visit to Delhi .... thanks to the swine flu ......I myself got treated for the same :(

I met a complete stranger.

Now,for me she was. For her I wasn't.

Girls - they shop together,they talk and talk and share almost everything.

I met Rupali , after decades . And yet she was the same . NO CHANGE. :)

We talked , I hardly did , laughed like "pagal" and then ,from nowhere she said - Lets meet up - Ankita.

OK. Where did this came from ?

My expressions changed. Was wondering if I could file a case against Costa Coffee for making her drink everything but coffee. What happened to her.

And guess what . Before I could even get my act together ,she had called up Ankita and icing on the doughnut - she actually came.

I was in fix. Honestly. Blushing I was. And feeling - "Let her go and then you see what I'll do".

But that's in future. Need to handle the past.

On the look , she looked professional. By the dress code , by the way she introduced herself and she asked for my introduction ,it seemed I was in for a job interview with a HR - MKTG. manager.

I was impressed. But,that's about it. So it was over.

Last week she came to Pune.Amidst all the swine flu scare. Brave she is. Another value point.

She called me up and my usual reply was ....You know....:)

But,she never gave me that time. She just asked for my class schedule and gave ME a time to catch with her .

Gosh ! This girl is fast.

We met .And honestly, I felt happy. Why ? Pata nahein :/

They say you randomly meet people. Some choose to meet you and others you choose. And not always strangers become friends.

I could have refused , I could have not shared my number with her.

She could have just erased me from her memory. She could have not called me up.

But,all this is so much thinking.

Some people you are destined to meet. When you come in this world everyone is a stranger.Its with time you know who is who .

It was a good meeting. We are in touch . I sincerely hope we do .

So,the rock bottom is ,as someone "more gyaani" than me said -

""It's great when stangers become friends,
But even sadder when those friends become strangers,
We became friends and didn't even realize it,
I trusted you and you trusted me,
Now were like stangers to each other,
But no matter what you'll always be my friend,
Even if im not yoursIt's great when strangers become friends,
But even sadder when those friends become strangers""

btw-watch that movie - एक अजनबी

1 comment:

Arnav said...

"Some people you are destined to meet."

So true , u r lucky to find someone special again in life, ...
as life seldom gives this liberty .. so enjoy,

Keep Writing and Smiling:)