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Friday, June 12, 2009

Delhi 6 - CC

Time : 11:30 am
Place - my bed :-)

"Waiting for tonight" - my cell ringtone ....trrinnggss.....
A female voice - " Coming in 5 minutes. get ready"
My voice - " hmmmm....huh....jaana hai kya ? "

and call is over long back.

Huh !!
She is in India . A cousin of her.....ooppsss sorry ! Her favourite cousin is getting married.
So,what am I suppose to do other than wishing them , BHANGRA ?

NO.Shopping ..


Just over with my summer internship.....let me sleep for sometime.....and who the hell in this world would go to CC - Chandani Chowk - at 44 c in this Delhi heat and that too shopping.

Well,I am wrong. Over 1000+ people are in CC.


btw- if you're still wondering -I am in CC.
Only she can take me out of my comfort zone...
Girls ,I tell you...are GIRLS.

So,where do we start ?

Everything in CC is famous . or 100 years old , more , 200 years old.

Small streets , cramped passages ,people all over and then the local mode of movement - "rickshaws".... you'll get lost. But I actually was enjoying .

It was fun . How ?

I wasn't carring my handkerchief ...and sweating I was.....tapp tapp tapp....

So she bought me a nice "rumaal".

Then we went to the famous "Giani's" -had sweet lassi.....and half-talli I was...

But its just started.....moving from here to there.....we at last reached THE SHOP.

She had already dropped in this place before.So everyone knew her. She was on to her work. And I was - Delhi girls with them , mom-in-laws-in making -checking out - Lehanga's ,sarees and what not !!

I was of the opinion that she was buying all this for herself. But NO.

She was on behalf of the bride getting the things checked .She was the official designer of the bride's clothes.

wow !! and what am I doing - " dosti" .... right right right

Almost 2 hours of seeing how a "bride's shopping is done - I was IMPRESSED .She's damn good.

Well,shopping got over - next was Khan market.A place which needs no "gyaan"from me.
I could see that I had no option of doing social service . Because my car's back seat was overflowing. I couldn't believe . She shopped so much....oh.....

And when did this all happen.....

"Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti " - Saif bhai.....

It was a nice experience . And I got loads of goodies from her.

So,when in Delhi , do take time out to check out the "jaan of Delhi / India " - CC


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