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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Creative Ones - Seriously -

I have to bring this out.
These people ....sorry professionals are amazing.
I have by God's grace a bunch of people who are -

-Interior Designers
-Fashion Designers

And believe me -they are too good.

We all are creative,to an extent and we all are imaginative to a limit - ( don't ask me the difference between the two:p )

Everyone loves to design their houses , matching thier clothes and all that...

Some have a natural flair and some are inherent born "genius".

But these guys,I tell you are an amazing lot.

Pink matched well with a black or lighter shades of white can create peace .
Long mirrors add dimensions to your home ...
And Roma,actually says -"Karan - White looks great on you,but,Black is what you should wear".
Coffee tables can actually carry 100+ CD's and DVD's and other goodies....

Gosh !!

A creative one.May be not.

A slight twist is also in the making-

When someone asks :

"What does your son / daughter do ?
Parents introduce ,at times , their childrens, saying - " Darji ki padhaai kar rahe/a hai " .

Sorry folks - I doubt if a darji knows what a NIFT or SPA is.

These are very special people who end in making not only an individual but the entire surrounding of them special and creative with a "magic touch ".

The way they work,the effort they put in is far beyond a thanks .

I ,for sure,could just do one thing - Eyes and Mouth -wide open - saying "WOW".

Next time you come across any of them make sure you know what they actually do and how dull a life can become if they are not around.

Great Work !!

btw - Hina and Sonali - who's doing my lounge .
Needless to say "please FREE mein" --> Unlimited Hugs - pakka :-)

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