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Monday, April 20, 2009

call back !! plz

I recently met someone. :)
After 3 years I flew Jet Airways.And ,guess what , I came back home after 6 months.

Nikita always says - " Karan,sometimes I feel like kicking your #$%@ for you not reverting to my calls".

Sorry ,Niks. Kya karoon.....I also don't know why I do this.  :(

btw-I have changed now. I have now 2 cellphones and believe me if I am not sleeping I am on the phone.
But,this wasn't like this . I hated to talk on the phone.Mind you,I talk very well but I talk crisp.So long talks , I can't do.

Another dear friend Radhika,said I'll buy you an international sim card,make sure it's never out of balance but "WILL YOU CALL" ?

I will.Make sure you give me HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 2 as well. Looks better then :-)

Well,it all depends on the person whom you're talking,his/her mood ,the time of the day and above all you and his/her linkage.

If it's all well then you both can carry on till the wee hours else it's within Kimi's pitstop timings.

I have noted some people have such a bad habit of not repling to your calls / text . These people should be bashed up. Someone is already ready to do so :-)

But,yes atleast reply to such calls / texts . It shows nothing but your concern.And that is what is needed.So,the next time make sure the missed becomes attended.

someone must be thinking .....


PS-btw - things have changed now ~


Purba said...

Pisses me off when someone takes hours to reply to my texts....

Karan said...

@Purba - Agreed ! Very true.