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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life Rocks @ a different place ...........still.....

No worries !!
I am here !! I am back !!

There was / may be , still a brief stay or hault but that's the way life is !! :-)
A lot has gone by in the few fast forward weeks.

A lot more is still awaited :-)
So where was I or rather where I might be ..... that only 2 persons can tell - Karan and God !!
So I am here , why disturb god !!

@ Train Journey

It was a long journey .... a fatiguing one but as I always say you never pass judgements so quickly !!

So We were 4 people...and then there was this sweet bubbly girl - MIND IT ...a lawyer in making.... wow !! These days you don't find that a sweet bubbly lawyer girls :-)
Besides being a sweet girl the one thing which I liked was the fact that her Dad was an IPS !! man !! I love/respect/admire/ these IAS /IPS people. The real India.

The journey was long...very long...and Indian trains you "FAST" they are ...
From evening assorted voices started doing the rounds......which contuniued till we got down at our destination....poor people who were still there .......
"Chai Chai " Tea - Tea "........"garam garam samosa"...."paani paani " uff....aur kuch bhi hai....

Then there was this person whom I think might have been a good bet at one of those top B-Schools !! like Symbi's and all what was his tagline - " Namkeen wala idhar hai , aapka dhyaan kidhar hai " - BELIEVE ME . His basket of namkeen was full when he started his trip and with this tagline the basket was near it's end when he returned !! huh !!
Marketing is a tough nut to crack .

What else - as always the train food was --yyuukkkk -- but we had some delicious cherries which were sweet as the owner.


@ Pune -

As always Indian stations are every busy,ever crowded and ever and ever chaos.Pune was no exception.
But as sometimes , I was a bit happy in this chaos as well . How ?
Well,CARS. What better way if someone comes to pick you up :-) The entire journey's pines away....

The car was loaded but what about the rest of the load. You can't expect an Esteem to behave like a Bolero. So ,bring a Bolero.

And it actually came. How ? The sweet kind-hearted lawyer girl came to the rescue. And it was a sigh of relief.

And what next ? Come on ....we need to sit in the cars and go :-)

@ Campus -

Pune and rains are like bread and butter.So need I say more.
The "mausam" was lovely and so was the campus. Beautiful.Wait !!

Hostel ? Anyone ? Yup !! Let's c the hostel dude .

or the Hall of residence as it's called ! It's not just any hostel. It's more than a hostel.
With a huge room , attached washrooms and ample space, decent food what more could you ask for in a hostel !!


Pune is a special place. For two reasons . second one is .........Went to meet them at @ private place. Lovely ambience , great food ! Cool mausam !

More to come....

PS - It's not always good to think what you listen When you actually see for yourself it's then the pictures get clear !! I know NOW.You remember .

This "message"is for the person who understands it well.And I know the actual intended person would know now.....