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Pune पुणे

Likhna hai.....kya likhoon......kya bacha hai.....kya tha.....hmm......lets see agar kuch mil jata hai.....

Let's talk about my recent Pune visit -

Well, I may not be the best person on insights on Pune , but would like to share my experience .Visited Pune,for the first time for the -second round .Stayed at a place very near to the railway station - Shivaji Nagar. First thing noticed was - No helmets !! Speeding vehicles zooming in from every corner. Chaos ! Girls or to be more refined - Females, wearing a "Refined"version of a "Hijab"(Kattar muslim women wear to cover there head). Almost all are clad in this .Top it all,they wear,no scope left to see the faces !! There was a reason for wearing one - Pollution and protection against Sun and Dust !! Accepted !Next,a word called as " Peths" was doing the rounds. Peth is the general name for a locality in old Pune..some female said ! Some of the Peths are named after the days of the week. OK. g…