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Our Mother - The Earth

Yes ! She's the one who actually handles you and gives you whatever you need.
Ever realised , what did she asked in return from you ? NO.
Who has the time to even give a thought about her needs.......So,busy.....we all alone she always was.

How many of us recall that we recently celebrated EARTH DAY ? EARTH DAY - WHAT'S THAT ,dude ? Was it a holiday ? Never heard about it ?

Poor you.......This what we call sheer lack of concern.Ask you when is the next Indo-Pak cricket match...bang comes in the reply

Earth Day is held every year on the - 22 April . REMEMBER IT THE NEXT TIME.

What were you suppose to do ? Virtually NOTHING . Practically EVERYTHING.

From Tokyo to Togo, to the flagship event on the National Mall in Washington, DC and 7 other U.S. cities,from Kuwait to New Delhi, millions of people around the world were united behind a Call for Climate, the "global warming action" theme. Hundreds of events were popping up all over the globe and April 22 would be a memo…