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-Mini Punjabb -

Day - Sunday 03 August , 2008.

My watch says - 10:49 pm.

We had classes till 7 pm :-( decided to go out for khana. And rest they say is history.

Starts -

Just came back.....from ? ? wait wait...........batata hoon....chill !!

Me , Nimit and Ronny (roomies) were desperate to "GO-OUT" for some Ghar ka khana. Aha....kitna acha hota tha ghar ka khana.....yummy....

Now,we had zeroed in on one place-called as " GHAR KA KHANA".Loads was expected.But,I guess,we weren't expected.

Went there and vola ! The gates were closed !! F***** .....yes !! the stars were laughing and so were we . :-(

Now what the hell !!

[Ek toh mein hardly "bahar khane"ko jata hoon....and then this thing is closed.

OK."Ghar ka khana"goes into the recycle bin .As of Now.]

No second chances....I am Karan - remember me ?

Now where ? Well,Ronny was out...out as in out of he wanted or rather made sure that none was going back to the hostel mess.

And striked....…