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Before you say I do.....WAIT !

As the big day comes closer , your heart races with excitement each time you think of it and the married life that awaits you.Who has the time to spare serious thoughts for any PRE-MARITAL MEDICAL TESTS and Counselling ?

Well,don't take them lightly.If you really want to do everything you can to ensure your happily -ever after ,doctors recommend that your partner and you go in for some pre-marital health tests or even counselling.

By and large, pre-marital medical tests are easily categorised into three types -




Bringing up these tests with your partner may be a delicate issue.However,it would be foolish to assume that neither of you have been sexually active and hence carry no risk of any sexually transmitted infection. An HIV-AIDS test is a MUST,though it's a delicate topic to broach for young couples.I've seen many of our women patients [ thanks to my parents - Doctors ,they are :-) ] suffer after marriage when they contacted the HIV virus from their husbands.


Knowing about your genetic condition is very important as soe hereditary traits can affect the health of your child.

Example - Both your partner and you may suffer from a genetically passed-on condition .While you may not suffer from it yourself ,if both of you are carriers of the condition ,there is a large risk that it may be passed on to the child.

Some tests may include - Polycystic kidney disease,haemophilia,muscular dystrophy and sickle cell anaemia.


These tests ascertain the reproductive capabilities of both partners.The need for these depends on how keen you two are to have a child once you are married.

Some tests may include - Hormone function tests and Analysis


Finally,if as a couple ,there are issues that you still need to sort,you should also opt for a few pre-marital counselling sessions that will help you gear up for the life ahead.

"In India match-making is still done on basis of horoscopes(somebody says something.....) and the religious and financial backgrounds of the two families .It is high -time that we start ascertaining the compatibility of the couple on more practical and realistic grounds with the help of pre-marriage counselling and medical tests"

Ultimately,anything that helps the couples tie the knot with more confidence and start their relationship on a sounder footing,should be looked upon favourably.

(With inputs from -the medical team & my friends who are now newly pass-outs Doctors from MAMC & King Grant's Medical College & my fav. doctor :-) )



Anonymous said…
kya baat tau bahut gyani hau sirji...jokes apart, i guess you have made an imp point...

Deepak Datt
Natasha said…
Very well said. Will remember.
Keep giving in your thoughts,
btw-who is your fav. doctor ?
Sanjana said…
Karan - You too good.
The generation needs to learn and read this.
Also,match -making is a big***.Sorry ! I know you love it.
Do keep updating.
Karan said…
Deepak - thanks bro.

Natty-my fav.doc. - do I need to even tell you ? :-)

Sanjana-Match making has it's own standing.But,this is equally important.
Abhishek said…
hi karan....nice writing....i want to add that as far as match making by horoscope is concerned, it is not useless....medically it prevent the incompatible blood group persons from tying a knot by ruling out marriage in same gotra....t
Karan said…
@ Abhishek - Thanks for the valued view !
Millan said…
Nice blog!I agree to the point u made:-)
Rakesh Sancheti said…
Very well said...
I guess it will be useful to many of us..
Ashwin said…
Say you in love with someone .... truly and deeply...and he or she has some genetic issues ...what do we do?????
Karan said…
@Millan & Rakesh - Thank you ever so much.

@Ashwin - In today's world where things change at a rapid pace, science and medicine have progressed at a great speed. Even if something has been diagnosed, I believe one has a cure. Or least one knows what precautionary steps to take so that the offspring’s don’t suffer in any which way. Love is something which gives one a reason to live. And it also gives the another, a chance to try.
Fayaz Pasha said…
Well said Karan. I too have a similar post for people to consider before they say "I do".
Karan said…
Thank you Fayaz . Similar thoughts , common aim :)

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