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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vikrant and or may be H.

Vikrant aka Viks is a friend of mine.Got through an Architecture College in Delhi.

Facebook came in.
He joined the newly formed community of his new college. Interacted with some fellow members and SENIORS or "baapji" as they are called.

Liked a senior who happens to be smaller in age than him.

Sit down.Chill ! Just 1 year.

H-->Harpreet -

He got confused so did I. Punjabi names are baffling ,sometimes.

She's a girl !
He initiated the talk ,started talking about here and there and ENUFF.
She thought that he was so desperate to be a friend of her's and pat came the reply !

I am your senior and......STOP !

Poor Viks......what wrong did he do if he wanted to talk to her , have friendship with her,may be help her in someway....all pious thoughts.......he initiated ,he added,he talked...and did all possible things he could ...but,all went for a SIX !

Ah ! It Sux - such is life dearies...people ( GIRLS ) take you wrong here many times ! I never seem to understand -WHY ? What's the matter girls ?

If we(men) don't initiate, you get angry,if we don't talk, we get fired up,we dont scrap/poke/message you ,you delete us ....WHY poor "us" ??

Viks....asked for my "gyaan" .I was straight. If "H" is not interested then FAIR. Neither be you.

He got it right ,this time.A beautiful friendship which may have started was cut into pieces.

At the end - THEY DONT TALK NOW.ANYMORE."You never give 3 chances to anyone...then why "H" ,he said. Agreed bro.!

See this is what happens. Life is short and friendship is forever. The better you realise the cool you're.

Little did - "H" knew that Viks was already engaged to his..........I can't tell.....see she just lost a GEM. Poor girl !!

PS-Had some seniors from her batch who gave some bad reports about her to him."Panga galat le liya"-he said. This also added in the decision making.

See your batch backfires on you..........

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Rajveer said...

I suppose I know who the real V and H are.

Great Blog