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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

VARANASI ( Banaras ) - The city of ' thugs ' until Modi ji wins

Many people would fume over the title - I did.But,this is a FACT.

Commonly known as Benares or Banaras  /  Kashi city , lies where the Varuna and Assi rivers,in its north and south, respectively, flow into the river Ganga.

Ahilya Ghat by the Ganges - Varanasi
Came to the city for some personal work and the first impression what I got was - 'LOOT MACHA DO'.

The main culprits of this "title" are the 'auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws' folks . They charge what they feel like.They instantly recognize that you're an outsider & so 'LOOT LO'.

People from the un"glamoured" parts of the country come here to work.But,they have actually degraded the city . They argue with you and yes , they wont bow down that easily.

WORST PART is you just can't travel without them.

The roads are all bloody red- HOW ? Because of the world famous "BANARSI PAAN" . People eat this 24*7 ,spit and then again eat . The roads are the best places to do the honors & and then there is traffic - ONLY HORNS - from all sides.

No riwaaz of helmets .Stray dogs & cattle's travel with people , feet to feet. Gosh ! Its all crazy.

Now the good ones.

When you are here , some of the must visits places include : 

  • Old Kashi temple ; 
  • New Vishwanath temple at BHU ; 
  • Durga Temple; 
  • Sankat Mochan ;
  • Buddha Shanti Stupa &  
  • BHU Campus

Varansi has atleast 84 Ghats . A boat ride costs only a INR 50 , but, people or "MAJI'S" as they call locally will charge you INR 350-INR 500 may be 1000. Give them a tight fatka and then'll you'll enjoy the ride. Ghats are unclean.All the litter is thrown into the holy ganga & its better to see the ghats from a boat than to make a personal visit.

Must watch is the ganga aarti in the evening . Its divine & really good !

You'll find more tourists then Hindu's though  :-(

Food is usual. For shopping - the famous Banarsi saris and suits made by Muslim weavers. are something out of the world . 

The best place to stay in Varanasi - is the  The Taj -Nadesar Palace .

Others like - The Ramda Inn, Surya , Hotel Shalimar , Clarks , JHV Mall ( where you have McD ) are all located in the posh area of Varanasi Cantt  . Safe and secure place. 


On a lighter note , I have high hopes from Narendra Modi that when he contests the Lok Sabha elections from here in 2014 not only will he win but will also make sure Varanasi starts its journey of development and progress . 


Thugs means  . 


Dhruv said...


nice article..
Official 'IT'work in banars.. strange.. :)

n' I hope you got a saree for your girlfriend ;)

Karan said...

Got a chance to appear for the FMS-BHU interview and thought of exploring the city . I like 'sarees' , not sure if she too does :P :P