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Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Mother - The Earth

Yes ! She's the one who actually handles you and gives you whatever you need.
Ever realised , what did she asked in return from you ? NO.
Who has the time to even give a thought about her needs.......So,busy.....we all alone she always was.

How many of us recall that we recently celebrated EARTH DAY ? EARTH DAY - WHAT'S THAT ,dude ? Was it a holiday ? Never heard about it ?

Poor you.......This what we call sheer lack of concern.Ask you when is the next Indo-Pak cricket match...bang comes in the reply

Earth Day is held every year on the - 22 April . REMEMBER IT THE NEXT TIME.

What were you suppose to do ? Virtually NOTHING . Practically EVERYTHING.

From Tokyo to Togo, to the flagship event on the National Mall in Washington, DC and 7 other U.S. cities,from Kuwait to New Delhi, millions of people around the world were united behind a Call for Climate, the "global warming action" theme. Hundreds of events were popping up all over the globe and April 22 would be a memorable Earth Day,they said. Everyone would be asking people to call their government and urge significant and equitable action on climate change.Every individual was asked to play a role of a lifetime.

What can you do,now ? You as in INDIVIDUAL ? A LOT . They say charity begins at home so why not start from YOUR home.

OK.So,what is it that you can do !?

Start with the easy ones...Just 1 of now....

Reuse your plastic shopping bags: use them as trash so as not to buy others that are more energy wasting; use them for storage.
Use paper bags rather than plastic bags when you are given the choice.
Use reusable grocery bags, which always have a lower environmental impact.

Just this one step of the many would go in a long way to save our earth.




Four billion years ago
Our lonely Earth
Set sail on cosmic seas
Guided by an unseen hand
Of nature, God or chance.

As life evolved
Through endles eco-cycles
Man was born, destined
To destroy or enrich
the Precious Ship.

And now his hand
Has seized the tiller
But his ear has not
Yet caught the Captain's
Quiet command.

The sails are down, the ship becalmed,
Its fragil life at stake.
No longer do we ride the gentle swells of
Silent seas and breathe
The fragrant air.

Broken are the rhythms
Of our cyclic plants
And other living things.

But now the Captain speaks again
Our quiet thoughts at last reveal his voice.

"Hoist the sails, Earth Man.
Set them for celestial winds.
Hold the tiler firm,
The course ahead is clear."

Be He nature, God or chance
His voice is heard
And we shall heed
The Captain's quiet command.



Himangi said...

Social Message....
Not for me...

I use jute bags,always

Niharika said...

I did remember the earth day......
I think-
If you really wanna do smthng for MOTHER EARTH...then there is no need of a special day or occasion 4 dt...u can do it anytime.....