Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have always respected the people who serve the nation. These are the really heroes.
On my way to Mumbai, I had the privilege of sitting with a Major who was travelling to meet his family. He was impressive,as they always are. We shared some good thoughts and he narrated an incident to me of his army training days.

He told me that in Army training you get up at 4 am and do your shave. EVERYDAY. uddi baba

Once,he was on top of a hillock for some activity work where he thought no one would come to check .Also ,his commanding officer was not in at the base camp. So,he thought lets LEAVE THE SHAVING TODAY.

Little did he knew what awaited him .In the noon , a chopper having his CO AND GOC-C came to there camp. Everyone was called in. -See this is what happens when you think you're so smart.-

The CO asked the Major why he hasn't shaved . He was mum.
The CO told him to get a stone ( not a "pathar") and bring it in. Major went out ,bought in the stone .The CO ordered "rub this on your face" till I the time I think you're done.

People,you're quite "enlightened" to infer what happened. His face was bleeding,marked by severe rashes and cuts.PAINFUL TO THE CORE.

The Major told me that was day and till today NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS,WHERE I AM ,I ALWAYS SHAVE REGULARY & religiously.NEVER HAVE I MISSED IT.

Huh !! people like me should learn something....I was speechless...because I HATE TO SHAVE.
Gosh ! now this is what only ARMY CAN TEACH YOU .

Jai Hind !
Proud of our Army !

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Niharika said...

There are a lot of 'uncles' in army who don't like to shave.....


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