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Showing posts from June 23, 2018

The Busy Bees who Keep Buzzing

Life has been (un) fair to all of us, at some points. 
But then that's what life is all about. 

Often during my "#MeTimes" I happen to think deep about some of the people that I have met so far in this journey. They amaze me. Some were broken, some were looking for casual sex, some were desperate to be with someone like them, some keenly wanting a worthy relationship, some who were still trying to figure out what is it to be loved and then there were some who just swung by thinking let's see how this works and what if it really does work~!

We take so many turns and twists that we get exhausted in the process and then start blaming life or the people in this life. At the start, all we are looking is for a target to blame things on. Not even thinking for once that we were equally responsible for our actions and our thoughts. 

Then there is this digital world we all live in and get connected with. A simple 'like' from an unknown stranger or a comment from a known en…