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Friday, January 9, 2015

Neemrana & the big city

It was a beautiful new year’s eve . What made it beautiful was not that the year was ending, after all the date change happens every day and so does the time which changes every second.  It was something more.  

I am not sure how many of you have gotten a chance to visit a tiny village near Alwar called as – Kesroli .  The best place to stay here is - .

As I stepped out of the ‘mahal ‘(that’s what they call rooms in- here) I truly felt elevated. It was the sheer feel of being in Rajasthan and being amidst peace where life moves at a pace defined by the people who stay here.  Believe me, you would want to stay here forever not because you are staying in a palace but you are in a surrounding where you feel at peace with yourself.

As I happen to sip an early morning tea (though I am a coffee person) I was joined by Elena .  She happens to be a globe-trotter and loves capturing the ‘speed’ of cities as she says.Together we decided to head out for an early walk . As we scrolled through the village we realized that even before the start it came to an end and we ended up thinking how easy life would be if everything would be so simple and only need based .

People here have one ambition - to be happy . They don’t want to run after money , power or what we big ‘city’ folks call as – ambition .  Here , they want to have a family , a wife who is loving and caring and a kid or two , may be who bring the ‘ noise’ in the small home. Men, usually have small land piece/s that they work in through the day and earn a living.   At end of the day the entire family gathers around a small stove or a ‘chulla’  , sit on the ground and everyone shares a meal and enjoy a blissful night’s sleep.

Imagine this in contrast to what some of us big ‘city’ folks tend to do or are usually  doing .   We step out early to chase our dreams ( as we would like to call ) , step in late evening at our PG accommodation ( or homes , as  our family calls them ) and then again get wired to the already wireless devices .  Did you find an iota of peace or happiness in all of this ?  The answer is something we all know.  And we all are aware deep down within . That’s one of the reason why we big’city’ guys take breaks , one of the good things that we still try to do.

As Elena said, it’s not important to have a profile that speaks volumes of you. Its important to have a life that lets you live and live freely and speaks about you.

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