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Monday, August 24, 2015

Out of the blue there I met you - Part 2

People may say I am a nice guy and really sweet but deep down we all know , no one is perfect  . Long back I had made a promise to myself that people who chose to walk away from me or my life once , will never make a come back . Never means never . This may be a bit too harsh but then you have to make some rules for your own good and happiness  .

Remember , in life not everyone deserves a second chance. If someone really cared for you or appreciated the person you are , believe me they would have gone all out to be in the journey or least , to walk along with you.

That's what happened . The person did try to initiate a conversation with me but I had to move on.  Yes, memories and thoughts flashed by , but just flashed and I stepped out .  As I was moving on I did think I should say something but the time gone-by was so big that we were more than strangers now . It was now just one of the many random people you meet in this journey .  I did not ask anything nor did I say . What in any case could I have asked or shared.

All I did was just a smiling " take good care"  liner and I walked on . I could see the person's eyes were filled with a thousand questions and may be more but then you can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. 

As I was walking down to board my flight I saw a mother holding her lovely daughter's tiny hands and the daughter looking up to her and smiling ,thinking she is in safe hands.  Indeed.

Journeys do a lot to you . Besides giving you a jet-lag they may give you  a jet-flash as well . 

Happy journey ,as we say . 


In case you missed reading the first part of this , the link is here

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karan. I've been reading your posts for a while and must say that you write beautifully. Your thoughts are very heartfelt. But there's something about this article that was different. You say that if someone cares or appreciates you they'll make an effort to be a part of your journey atleast. But what if you're the one making that effort and the other side leaves no choice for you but to walk away. Does that mean you don't deserve a second chance with that person?

Karan said...

Hi 'reader ' -

Thank you for your kind words and appreciate you taking time out and stopping by my blog .

There are some old sayings - 'two to tango ' / 'two's a company ' and the likes .

If someone has decided to walk away from you , remember its a choice they thought about ( may be from both heart and mind ) & implemented it .

Second chances are usually given when 'both' of you feel so. For this , one needs to be in 'touch' or stay connected . A person walking away also means someone is ready to enter your life and that someone deserves a 'first chance' more than this one deserving a 'second chance'.

Stay blessed.