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Friday, March 6, 2015

Sunday Specials

It was a rainy Sunday and besides having a liking for rains I also appreciate having an off on Sunday . And when I say off means complete freedom to do what I want to do.

A call from a friend sitting seven seas apart made me put on my thinking hat and do some thought matches .  This friend of mine was just back after doing a community service for a full day .Community service as in helping or doing things for the needy that matter. They do this regularly. If you ask the exact reason why they may not give you an appropriate correct answer .

This made me think two things – Spoiling a Sunday for this service and what is it in for a person.

I was thinking like a corporate and hence the line of thought. First thought is invalid since majority of us on Sunday’s do anything but relaxing .  Second one is the key here.

If you have ever been to a blind school you would realize the gravity of a situation and the magnitude of difference that YOU can create.  These people may be different or as I call , special . They may have a problem or as I see an opportunity.

You may not feel all this at once but over a period of time you will come to think that next time when you see your kid cribbing over a chocolate ice-cream or your wife insisting to buy the new designer clutch or you thinking why in the world you only work so hard or why is God partial to you and gives you so much of pain think and sit back and reflect these people and the way they battle or as I say live it out.

All of these are extremely talented people in some way or the other. They have accepted the way life is and are not in any battle of sorts. They have also thought through what exactly life would be like and are at complete peace with its way of working.  Its not what we want from life but what we are willing to give it back.
Everyone comes here and moves on. It’s the time you spend creating a difference in someone’s life that changes the game.

Whenever I visit a place like this or come across anyone like them , I just thank God for being kind to me and I imbibe the positive these people have . At least some rub off effect will occur.

Try to plug into your fast moving digital life this connect. It has the power to change you as a person , professional and as a human being.  

Happy Holi

PS - Have a great weekend and a happy holi . Stay safe & special. 

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