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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Simple pleasures in little things

When you meet someone after a long time say a gap of close 4 years  , there is something about both the people that is visible in the eyes of each other . You may say that in this world and era of online and social media you are never really far away but then I am strong believer of face to face interactions . 

Something similar happened a few days back .  I wouldn't call this person a friend since we have known each other for about close 12 years now .  We have seen each other grow up , have had our fair share of fights , happy moments and more importantly being their for each other when needed the most . 

That day when I was at the airport waiting for her flight to land all I could think was in the time gone by I have never really missed her .  Yet, the last time I saw her was close four years . Thats a near 1460 days .   The moment we saw each other all that we could do was just smile . There were people , family to be precise and hence it was a quick in and out.

I could see that there were a lot of questions , queries , may be answers in her eyes and irrespective of a close 7,270 mi distance she traveled there was not a sign of sleep .  

Like I say , there are moments you should not let go just because there is no time , or its too late or there always is a tomorrow . So we decided to have a late night coffee with Karan session and ensure we don't waste time sleeping . Delhi , at late night is not the best of the place but then who really cares . 

The amount of effort you put to keep yourself happy is the same you put to keep yourself sad. Choice is yours!   

We chatted and chatted and chatted . We talked all things random and most importantly I learnt in such conversations where the excitement levels are very high one needs to be a very patient and an active listener . Thoughts , words just flow by as if there is no tomorrow . We go back in time then again in the present and keep on oscillating . We realize there is so much more than the mundane tasks we do . There is so much that each other can teach , share and talk about . 

Its fun to say the least .  Late night drives in and around Chankyapuri are always fun . The flowers in full bloom , the neat streets and the calm all around . 

These are the people , the times which one should really cherish in life and look forward to . Withing few seconds you ease out , calm down and have no thoughts of all the negativity which was going in and around you for all this while . The daily work routine where days pass faster than you think . 

Of late , I have been meeting or interacting with people who live in their own world. These people are as I say - lone warriors .  They need you but they need you just as a tick mark activity in their life. They are dominating , poor listeners and most importantly extremely sensitive  by nature . Though you may feel they like you or may be more , but believe me they are not worth your time or effort . Let them go and pass by . They are just the dark clouds before a beautiful rain descends .

Little things should never go unnoticed - Always remember . Those who make your efforts go unnoticed are surely not meant to be with you. 

Keep it simple and enjoy the little things in life. 


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Also wishing everyone a very happy Sri Gaura Purnima festival and happy Gaudabda New Year. May Lord Chaitanya bless us with the devotion and humility to be engaged in his service.

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