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Doing nothing

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing.  But given the cheesy character I am it’s hard for me to stick to one type of a routine. So recently, when I stepped out to travel I decided to do something out of the box . Given we read about this phrase so often that at times we also confuse if it’s really possible to think or do anything ‘out of the box’ .  Many of my fellow writers and bloggers are very passionate about writing or sharing .  

Recently when I got a call from a fellow friend he shared how he writes one post everyday . This post can be anything from an experience or a share or just a simple one line quote that he may have read .  For him this is his ‘out of the box’ way of writing .
During one of my recent trips a dear friend told me how she was struggling to figure out what kind a job she should be doing. She has juggled in a number of roles and yet the satisfaction was lacking . So , she decided to backpack and go to the serene surroundings of North East India and see if th…