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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Doing nothing

Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing.  But given the cheesy character I am it’s hard for me to stick to one type of a routine. So recently, when I stepped out to travel I decided to do something out of the box . Given we read about this phrase so often that at times we also confuse if it’s really possible to think or do anything ‘out of the box’ .  Many of my fellow writers and bloggers are very passionate about writing or sharing .  

Recently when I got a call from a fellow friend he shared how he writes one post everyday . This post can be anything from an experience or a share or just a simple one line quote that he may have read .  For him this is his ‘out of the box’ way of writing .

During one of my recent trips a dear friend told me how she was struggling to figure out what kind a job she should be doing. She has juggled in a number of roles and yet the satisfaction was lacking . So , she decided to backpack and go to the serene surroundings of North East India and see if the answer comes to us. She is now doing what she calls as ‘nature’ photography and as I see very happy clicking the same . This was the ‘out of box’ thing for her.

As you are aware the wedding season is on currently and it’s a festive mood all around. When I asked my old school friend why he was settling down he said that both he and his wife love and appreciate wildlife. They charted out a wish-list of sorts of the best wildlife destinations across the world are aiming to have minimum one stroked out every year . This is the ‘out of the box ‘ plan for them .

My maid’s daughter sings beautifully and luckily out of all the people she sings to I am one of them . So recently I gifted her a casio of sorts and the smile on her face was priceless .  She told me that she has enrolled for her singing training in her school and soon she would start learning . Needless to say, she wants to be a singer but a singer who sings for others and not necessary for the materialistic things which people usually do. This is the ‘out of the box’ thing she wants to pursue.

Delhi winters means movie time . In case you also plan to do nothing may be watching the #HorribleBosses movie series can be a good way . Though , I loved watching  #ThisIsWhereILeaveYou  a tad bit more.