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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Purity over impurity

Most you already know , that Jaipur is a place close to my heart . Yesterday evening when  it started to rain in Delhi , we made a plan to drive all through and head to Jaipur .

After all what are plans if they aren't spontaneous and on the spot . En route with a soothing breeze and light drizzles , I felt there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the drops fall on your hands . They are so fresh and so pure. Pristine to be precise. 

However ,  me being me , a thought that was floating for a while in my mind just came back . Do we need everything pure  ?  Everything fresh ? First right of use ?

And , I linked it back to something not so nice . Of late , in my life journey till date I have meet a decent number of people ( females and males )  who have openly shared with me that they have been in multiple relationships in the past ( and have had sex to be more specific and in some cases , early abortions as well !! ) and they have no guilt whatsoever , neither in their mind nor in their heart . 

Ask them why did they need to do this and pat comes the reply .  Everyone is mature enough to do and understand what is right and wrong . Everyone is proud of themselves and that is the way to accept them . 

Well , while people can debate , discuss and argue on this , my only thought always is - there is a timing for everything . You cannot be writing your board exams  in class 1 . Similarly even if you are 6 years old using aftershave will only lead to burning and nothing much .  Wearing heels in schools is not the right thing to do when you are an eleven year old girl.

Then why can't these things wait ? Just because you couldn't control the urge and got carried away and now its a past thing , doesn't make you the nicest of the lot. 

Ask them , if you get married tomorrow would you be open enough to make it all black and white -  be it relationships ,  be it what you did in those relationships with your future partners ? The answer that comes is - NO . 

Isn't this called as cheating ?  Being unfair ?  When you plan to spend and settle down in life with someone ( be it your own love or someone your family chooses )  isn't he / she entitled to know you ? To know what has happened and why it all happened ?  The basis of any relationship in this world is - trust . Being honest with that one person in your life . 

For me its difficult to digest . When you hug someone , kiss someone or hold hands - I am sure there is more than friendship that reflects these actions but when you give yourself to someone ( physically and emotionally ) its not just friendship , its more than that. Its your soul  which you share with someone. 

I find it weird why people ( of our generation specifically  ) want to hide everything .  It seems and feels as if - we , as people cannot say the truth .  We in-built it in such a way that even if we don't want to - it is wrapped in a lie. 

Ask these people , are you in touch with your so called - ex's ? The answer is No .  Do you know where are they? The answer is- married , married with kids or I just don't care. 

Really ? Isn't this call being as selfish . What is the world coming to these days.

And , the sad part in all of this - are those future partners who would never come to know about the pasts of their would be's  ?  No . 

Yes, the answer is - No . Remember, people who believe in God and believe very strongly are always protected . Even if you think you have made a fool of them , God will ensure that he protects these people.   I have seen live examples where - engagements have been called off , marriages cancelled ,  people moved apart and every time - the nice one out of the two remains protected. 

And I am not saying this due to my knowledge and belief in astrology .  Such people who have made and done all these things in the past , have a different pulse rate .  Whenever you ask them about relationships and what happened in those , their eyes and eye brows move in a certain way . The lips do change colors.

I know , not everyone is equipped to notice these changes and it requires a lot of practice but be rest assured and take my word -  if you are truthful and sincere , God will  make sure you stay protected always. You will come to know and then the only thing you need to do is - move out and move on.  You deserve far better people and you will get that ' one ' for you for sure.

And my message to these people -  honestly , I hate liars . Not because you did a bad karma for which you would need to pay in this birth but because you couldn't control yourself at that moment and you put at stake - your family , your values ,  your culture and most importantly your soul . 


PS - I am sure this post is way different from what I usually share but then , if I felt strongly on something , I need to voice out.  I haven't taken any names and I have tried to kept it as simple and basic as it can be so that most of us are able to relate . Don't assume anything  :) 


On a lighter side , I watched a special screening ( just for me ) by my Jaipur gang of the movie - The Lunchbox   .  I liked it. 

Not only this ,  in the week gone by - I have seen Queen ,  Revolver Rani and 2 States and I must say -  Kangana is an actor par excellence. 


To lighten your mood - listen to this song . 


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