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Life and the way we live

If you analyse life deeply you will come to know that there are many life's within your life . These are beyond your control since your own life is also not under your control :P 

Often, in sweep seconds many things happen in parallel . Someone somewhere gets a new life , someone moves out from this world to another , a child gets his first pocket money , a love blooms within two hearts and yes , somewhere in the sky the stars also move houses .

Yesterday , a friend of mine called and on the phone she started weeping . Early in the day right in front of her eyes a person riding a cycle got smashed out by a speeding SUV . Within a fraction of a second the person riding the cycle was in the air and his cycle was beyond any damage that could be repaired . The SUV guy fled from the seen leaving behind a person in blood and making him near to his death.

If you read the above there are number of things that may have happened. The person riding the cycle would be going to work on his usual …