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Monday, September 9, 2013

The time YOU enjoy wasting is NOT wasted time !

Gifts are hard to get and more importantly they need to taken- care off really well.  Such is the case which happened with my recent gift – an Apple iPad .Now , most you would go wow and gaga all over but take a moment and let me explain it to you with a background .

I am a laptop person and this is what makes me click . Adaptable and easy to use the laptop has been my companion since my b-school days . When I got the iPad I thought I would use it every day for most of my key things.  This however, has till date remained a thought.  Whenever I go and try to use it I just feel – laptop works better for me. It may be the adaptability issue, or maybe I never fell in love with it or maybe I am not an apple fan  to put it together .  But , then the key thing here is it’s a – gift  . A really special one.

So , I decided and got in touch with some of my fellow Apple stars who tried all the tricks in the bag and made download the ‘best’ of the apps ,as they call .

Things improved - I configured my social media – twitter  , LinkedIn , Facebook and my series of personal accounts  .  I downloaded Flipboard – a favorite now which I regularly use and browse through. What I also got were a series of games. One of them is the Real Racing 3  .
I love games – especially digital ones which you can play on an iPad or may be a laptop . And yes , I got addicted to this game. A typical car racing game with new fancy cars , nice choice of tracks and good co-drivers . And then it started on and on.Yesterday, just a glance at my till date time spent on this game drove me into a shock state . I had spent close to 18 hours on this game over a period of less than 4 weeks . I am and still in a shock state !!

18 hours of my life wasted in a game of which I learnt nothing new , unlearnt something old , strained my eyes and my back and more importantly I could have done the world in those 18hours.

The first thought which came to my mind was – DELETE this damn game !  Wrap and close the iPad into the box and in it goes for a good time now.   But then , I was the one who choose it . I liked playing it . The experience made me feel wow and hence I came over almost every day to this game. I drove well, moved levels , bought cars and earned dollars.  In short, I did all the game was meant to do . Then why ponder over and lose your thoughts.

If you have taken a decision then be bold enough to stand by it . Don’t always measure things in the scale that’s it’snot meant to be . Life will be far simpler.  Each and every thing , each and every person have very different roles to play in our life’s  . If we start measuring each of them then life would be far more complex.

Someone told me,that you should keep life simple and straightforward.  The more thinking you do the more confused you become and the more complex your life and thoughts are  . Life was always simple. It’s just that we have gone in search of things and people – who are actually not needed by us . If at 1 in the night you have no one to call up and share something that is bothering you  , with a close  1000+ friends on Facebook almost similar on LinkedIn- then believe me it’s not worth it !! just not worth it .  have that one person who can take the way you are , listen the things you wish to say and give you a smile back where it belongs to – Life is and will be beautiful . 


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all ! May God give us peace and happiness.. and lots of Modaks of course !


TPSR said...

Very happy to see this blog. It is very nice experience while going through your creatives. Will visit again I am available here

Karan said...

Thanks . Look forward to read your views . Happy sharing.