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Birds , like us , do catch-up

Saying , that I was really busy would make me sound like , as if I am the only "stud" working out here in India .  To be a bit more closer to reality , I was indeed part busy and part lazy .

For the truthful person I am , I thought of sharing an interesting observation and insight might help value-add your day as well .

Often these days , when I wake up and feel the fresh May breeze ( which is unlikely in Delhi , though ) , the sound of the birds chirping and autumn at its peak , its indeed a beautiful watch - only if you wake up a bit early.

So, when talking a walk , out of the many thoughts that cross my mind a very strange one roadblocked my thinking stream . 

 Do birds die ? If they do , then why don't we get to see any of those .There are occasional sites wherein say a cat or an eagle may have killed a bird and when see but I am sure most of us would not have seen a bird ( includes most of them ) die or body of them .

This question was indeed baffling but as al…

Heart of India - Madhya Pradesh

We know this place as the heart of -Incredible India  . For some , it's called as the Land of the striped stalker. For me, this is the -heart of India - Madhya Pradesh

Every since I was a little kid I always used to wonder how and where the heart fits in . Why is the shape of the heart - like a heart . Why in the world do they break . What does the beating of heart really means . That of course is not the topic of debate of this share .

Just like being central to everything , Madhya Pradesh is the central state of  India & very aptly called and made into a nice ad film - Heart of India   .

So , when I choose to go to a place for a vacation far away from the not so popular these days - Delhi , MP it was .  I wanted to make it short yet a fun filled vacation with a combination of some old city culture , a religious leg to it & yes of course some of the famous local delicacies. The circuit that we took was - Indore & Ujjain and the nearby quick make places.


Indore - The f…

Karan @ the tooth doctor's infirmary

Huh !! kya kya karna padta hai..............kya kya likhna padta hai..................jab panga le liya toh DARNA KYA....Lets write and share with all.....

Day - Saturday Morning
Time - 6:10 am
Place - my bedroom

Mom came calling......."wake up" !! If you want to go.....

Still in my dreams ( currently at an unknown location) ........I replied -the usual way - "KYA HO GAYA "..... :-(

Mom said - "Riya called in....You need to go for your appointment ".

Believe me guys - You say / tell /remind anything to girls make sure YOU LEAVE IT. BECAUSE THEY WON'T TILL THE TIME THEY TELL YOU.

So,what was the fuss all about . Atleast , let me start my system

checking files.........

aha !! 1 match found.


Oh crap ..kya yaar.....itne subah.......yukk.......

Enough...I from my bed into the washroom....and READY I WAS.

It was my annual / monthly /quaterly ( pata nahein kaun si wali ) appointment / check up with my dentist.

As expected,Riya was befor…